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Monday, March 14, 2016

Turkey: car bomb killed dozens in Ankara

An explosion's site in Ankara
(Image: RT)
A massive explosion went off on Sunday, 13 March, in the capital of Turkey Ankara, as the car laden with explosives ripped through one of the busiest neighborhoods of the city, the Kizilay Square, near Guven Park.

The Kizilay Square is a key commercial and transport hub of the city, there are also many embassies and governmental buildings located nearby.

An official statement of the provincial governor stated that the car laden with the explosives was a cause of an explosion that left 37 people dead and 125 wounded. The injured people were reportedly transported to 10 various hospitals in different parts of the city, while some of the wounded are in critical condition, stated the medics.

A bus and several vehicles located close to the epicenter of an explosion were destroyed and burnt down. Eyewitnesses also reported that the gun shots were heard shortly after the sound of an explosion.

The Sunday blast came less than a month after the deadly terrorist attack that occurred in Ankara downtown on 17 February, when the car laden with explosives attacked the military convoy in the area close to the governmental buildings and Turkish Armed Forces headquarters. That attack left 29 people dead, most of them military servicemen, and dozens wounded. A dissident faction of an outlawed Kurdistan's Workers Party (PKK), The Kurdistan Falcons (TAK), has claimed the responsibility for the February attack and stated it was aimed at targeting Turkish Armed Forces in retaliation for the ongoing military operations against Kurds in the South-East of the country.

The bombings and deadly attacks occurred in several Turkish cities including the city of Istanbul earlier as well, as the double suicide bombing on 10 October 2015 during the peaceful demonstration in Ankara left 103 people dead.

Some of these attacks were claimed by ISIS, while the latest ones were the responsibility of the Kurdish militias. Yet it is still unknown who is behind the Sunday's bombing in Ankara.