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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Turkey: at least six people injured in a blast near Istanbul metro

Police cordoning off the area of the netro station where an
explosion occurred
(Image: Reuters)
At  least six persons were injured as a result of an explosion that occurred near the Istanbul metro on Tuesday, 1 December. One of the Turkish media outlets reported that one person was also dead, but Turkish authorities confirmed only the injuries till now.

The blast hit the area near the Istanbul metro in the district of Bayrampasa in the European part of the city. This is a residential and industrial area which is usually very crowded, according to the reports of local media.

Istanbul municipal official said that train operation had been suspended at the Bayrampasa station after the loud noise that sounded like an explosion was heard. Many ambulances rushed to the area, while dozens of people were walking alongside over-ground train tracks after the trains have been halted.

Initially the origin of the blast in Istanbul metro was unknown, while some earlier reports suggested the explosion cause could be linked to an electrical transformer.

Turkey is currently on alert after the deadly terrorist attacks that hit Turkish cities during the latest month, including the bombing in Ankara in early October that left more than 100 people dead, and deadly bombing in the city of Suruc, close to the border with Syria, that left 33 people dead.

Turkey, as a NATO member, has been a part of an anti-ISIS military coalition led by USA and has carried out several air strikes against the terrorist group. It also face serious security threats from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) whose militants attacked several times Turkish police and military positions  in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast.