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Saturday, December 5, 2015

German Parliament approves military actions against ISIS in Syria

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and members of German
Parliament cast their votes in favor of military operationin Syria
(Image: Ahrma Online)
German Parliament approved on Friday, 4 December, German military actions against ISIS to be carried out in Syria, following the decision of Great Britain's Parliament to launch airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and the first series of bombings carried out in Thursday, 3 December.

German Parliament agreed to the mandate for deployment of Tornado reconnaissance jets, a frigate and up to 1200 troops. The Parliament supported this decision by an overwhelming majority of 445 voices in favor against 146 voices against.

Military operation of Germany against ISIS on the Syrian soil may become Germany's biggest deployment of military forces abroad since the Paris attacks killed more than 130 people on 13 November.

France in its turn called on EU countries to support it in the military actions in Iraq and Syria in order to eliminate ISIS. UK has already started its aerial strikes on Thursday. Germany is expected not only to carry out airstrikes against ISIS but also to assist French Armed Forces by their military operation.

As for USA involvement, despite the fact that US President Barack Obama repeatedly stated that the ground operation against ISIS is excluded, he also agreed to send up to 100 Special Forces to Iraq with the mandate to carry out raids inside Syria.