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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Egypt's parliamentary elections preliminary results shows the victory of the Party For the Love of Egypt

Egyptians standing in line during the day of parliamentary
(Image: Ahram-Online)
Ahram-Online - CAIRO: The second round of Egypt's parliamentary election was held in the country on Sunday and Monday, 22 and 23 November, bringing the victory in the election to the "For the Love of Egypt" Party.

"For the Love of Egypt" electoral list has secured 15 seats in East Delta constituency with no competition, but preliminary results also show it will likely win 45 seats belonging to Cairo, Middle and South Delta constituency in Egypt's parliamentary elections.

For candidates running on an individual basis, most constituencies are witnessing run-offs between candidates. Run-offs are due to take place on December 1 and 2.

Voting took place for residents in Egypt on Sunday and Monday, and for Egyptians abroad Saturday and Sunday.

General Coordinator of For the Love of Egypt Sameh Seif El-Yazal said that after 25 percent of the votes were counted in secondary polling stations in East Delta, the list exceeded the 5 percent limit required to secure the constituency's 15 seats - as no other list is competing.

"Those are preliminary indicators and we respect the Higher Electoral Committee, and are waiting for final results it will issue," Seif El-Yazal said, Ahram Arabic website reported.

Preliminary results show the list has also been at the forefront in the constituency of Cairo, Middle and South Delta.

The Higher Electoral committee has not issued final results yet.

Party-based lists are allocated 120 seats in the parliament. In the first stage, all 60 seats were secured by 'For the Love of Egypt.'

The list is an absolute list, which means that a list that gets over 50 percent of the vote wins all seats in the constituency.

The seats contested by candidates running on an individual basis constitute 448 seats in the parliament.

If a single candidate secures over 50 percent of the vote, he wins a seat. Otherwise, run-offs take place between two candidates over each seat.