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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Egypt launches massive military operation against ISIS forces in Sinai

Egyptian Military launches major operation against ISIS in
(Image: Al-Arabeya)
Egyptian Armed Forces have launched a massive military operation called Right of the Martyr on Monday and Tuesday, according to the official statement of Egyptian military.

The military operation targeted ISIS affiliated militants group Ansar Beyt Al-Maqdis, that pledged allegiance to ISIS and proclaimed itself Sinai Province of ISIS.

Egyptian Armed Forces launched massive airstrikes against the targets and facilities of the militants in the Northern Sinai cities of Rafah, Al-Arish and Sheikh Zuweid. The preliminary reports declared that 29 jihadists have been killed during the Monday early morning operation, while the latest reports stated that at least 134 militants have been killed during the three days of an operation and dozens were wounded. 195 suspected militants have been reportedly arrested as well.

Egyptian Armed Forces have lost two people, among them one military officer and one soldier, who died when their military vehicle was blown up by a roadside bomb, according to the official spokesperson of Egypt's Armed Forces. Four soldiers were reported to be injured.

ISIS also stated that they targeted Egyptian military personnel killing two people with the roadside bomb.

A massive military operation launched by Egypt in Sinai came after ISIS affiliated group has released video documenting the groups attacks against Egyptian military and police in Northern Sinai, including the missile attack against Egyptian naval vessel in Mediterranean Sea. In addition to that the militant group has claimed responsibility for the series of  roadside bombs during the latest two weeks, though Egyptian Military did not comment these statements.

Six international peacekeepers monitoring the situation in Northern Sinai and keeping the peace treaty with the neighboring Israel were wounded in the roadside bombings last week.

Egypt leads a massive fights with the terrorist groups and ISIS affiliated cells in Northern Sinai that continue their attacks against Egyptian Armed and Security forces and citizens as well, carrying out attacks almost on a daily basis since the Islamist backed President Mohamed Morsi was ousted by Egyptian Military in 2013, amid the massive nationwide protests against his Presidency.