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Monday, August 10, 2015

ISIS executed more than 2000 people in Mosul since its takeover

ISIS fighters in Mosul
(Image: American Contractor)

ISIS (Islamic State) has reportedly executed over 2000 people in Mosul and the neighboring area since the region and the city were seized by the ISIS fighrpters in June 2014, stated Iraqi officials.
Iraqi Parliamentary Speaker Salim Al-Juburi has confirmed "execution of more than 2000 innocent citizens at the hands of the terrorist Daesh organisation", using Arabic term for describing ISIS.

Mosul that is the capital of the Nineveh was taken by ISIS on 10 June 2014, and the city residents witnessed numerous arrests, tortures and executions carried out by the ISIS group. According to the local officials, at least 2070 people were executed by ISIS since the takeover of Mosul, and all the names of the victims were listed in the special list compiled by ISIS, who administered Mosul and issued death certificates for the citizens.Those people in the lists were accused by ISIS of "promoting ideas that distorted Islam". Lists of the people executed by ISIS include members of Iraqi security and Armed Forces, former officers, policemen, journalists, rights activists, lawyers, doctors and others. There are also many women and children among the victims in the lists.Iraqi security officials based in Mosul and monitoring ISIS activities in the region give the same death toll of more than 2070 people.ISIS in its turn made no secrets of those executions' campaigns and claimed that executed people were those who refused to submit to the ISIS rule and were suspected of activities against ISIS. Iraqi rights activists claimed that ISIS members even didn't hand the bidues to the relatives. They called it war crimes and compared those executions to the massacre of Iraqi soldiers and members of security forces carried out by ISIS in Tikrit and near Tigris last year, when more than 1700 people were killed. Iraqi rights activists call on the international community to condemn these executions as war crimes and to launch military operation in order to liberate Mosul.