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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Afghanistan: suicide attack left dozens dead in Kabul

Aftermath of the deadly bombings in Kabul
(Image: BBC)

Two deadly suicide attacks were carried out in Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Friday, 7 August, leaving 35 peopke killed and more hundreds injured, according Sayed Zafar Hashemi, Afghanistan's Deputy Prime Minister.
This Friday's double bombing was the first major attack on Afghanistan's capital since the announcement of death of Mullah Omar, leader of Taliban.

The first attack occured when a powerful truck bomb went off in the center of Kabul after midnight. The attack left 15 people dead and at least 240 peopke wounded, according to the Afghanistan's Health Ministry. All the injured were trasported to the hospitals in the area. Friday midnight attack left many civilians dead, including women and children.
Taliban denied its involvement in that bombing. Experts say though that it's a common tactic of the group, when its attacks leave too much civilian casualties.
The second attack happened less than 24 hours later, as the suicide bomber dressed like a police officer blew himself up in front if the gates of Kabul Police Academy, killing at least 20 cadets and injuring dozens. Taliban claimed responsibility for the second attack.
Thus, Friday attack became the first major attack carried out by Taliban since the official announcement of death of its leader Mullah Omar and the new leader Mullah Mansour taking lead of the group.
Escalation of violence at the beginning of Mullah Mansour's rule could demonstrate an attempt of Mullah Mansour to boost his image in Taliban and to drive attention away from the internal divisions within Taliban.
Afghanistan's Armed and Security Forces tightened security measures and deployed additional troops to the area of attack, blocking it and organising security cordons.