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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Egypt: two car bombs detonated in Cairo killing three people

Two explosions happened in Cairo's 6th October City
(Image: Youm7)
Two bombs planted inside of the private owned vehicle detonated on Tuesday, 30 June, in Cairo’s 6th October City.

An explosion happened in front of the 6th October police station and close to the local shopping mall Nakheel, according to the Interior Ministry.

Eyewitnesses say that the car was on its way to the 6th October police station when its way was blocked by two tok-toks. The tok-tok’s drivers were reportedly arguing and later moved, freeing the way. The car then drove faster, what caused a sudden shaking of a car and the bomb, planted inside of it detonated, killing all two people inside of the car. A passerby approached the car, while the second bomb went off, killing him right on the place.

At least three people were also injured in an incident, according to the Health Ministry spokesperson Hossam Abdel-Ghaffar.

According to the reports, the bodies were strongly deformed and transported to the Zeinhom morgue for DNA analysis and identification.

An investigation of the bombing is ongoing.

This terrorist attack happened on the second anniversary of 30th June uprising that toppled Islamist backed President Mohamed Morsi in 2013 and on the next day after another bombing that targeted Egypt’s Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat. Monday’s explosion happened in Cairo’s upscale district Heliopolis, in front of the Military Academy, as the bomb went off in one of the Prosecutor General convoy’s cars. Hisham Barakat was critically injured in an attack and died later that day at the hospital. At least nine people were injured in the Monday attack.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the Tuesday’s explosion in 6th October, as there is no claim of responsibility for Hisham Barakat assassination as well, though the radical Islamist groups are suspected to carry out these attacks.

One policeman was also killed in Cairo’s southern district Helwan. The policeman was guarding the entrance to Helwan Wax Museum, as the car passed by and the militants sitting inside the car opened fire on the policeman, who later died due to his injuries.

Militants have carried out numerous attacks against Egypt’s army and security forces personnel, with several terrorist attacks affecting civilians as well.