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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Egypt: police officer injured in an explosion in Cairo Heliopolis district

Explosion on the Roxy Square in Cairo
(Image: Daily News of Egypt)
An explosion occurred on Thursday, 16 July, on the Roxy Square in Cairo’s upscale district of Heliopolis. The bomb was reportedly planted in front of the building located on the square, and it was detonated on afternoon.

Low ranking police officer was injured as a result of the bombing, according to Egyptian authorities. The officer was transferred to the hospital for the further treatment.

The area of an explosion was sealed off and cordoned by Egypt’s police and security forces, while the team of explosive experts arrived for the examination.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for this bombing till now.

Egyptian Armed Forces reported that the soldiers thwarted a car bomb attack of the military facilities in the area close to the Suez-Katameya Road on Wednesday, 15 July. The operation resulted in a death of a vehicle driver, stated Armed Forces spokesperson.

Another explosion went off in the city of Fayoum on Tuesday evening, injuring six people and damaging the wall of Fayoum Stadium.

Egypt recently experiences the wave of the terrorist attacks and bombings, targeting the country’s armed and security forces and civilians as well. Egypt’s Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat was killed in a bombing last week, then Cairo witnessed another series of explosions. Major attack of ISIS affiliated militants against Egyptian Armed Forces in Northern Sinai led to the massive military operation launched by the military at the beginning of July and resulted in the death of hundreds of insurgents, according to the statements of Egyptian military.

The latest massive bomb attack against Italian Consulate in Cairo Downtown on Saturday, 11 July, was one of the biggest during the latest period of time.

Egyptian authorities accuse Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi and the Sinai based ISIS affiliated militants of the recent attacks and destabilizing situation in the state.