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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Egypt: clashes erupted between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and police in Cairo on the first day of Eid

Violent clashes in Cairo on the first day of Eid
(Image: Khaleedji News)
Two violent set of clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood supporters and Egyptian security forces erupted on Friday, 17 July, in Cairo’s Giza, marking the first day of Eid Al-Fitr celebrations. These clashes left at least seven people dead and three people injured, according to the officials.

The first set of violent clashes erupted in the working district of Talbiyah in Cairo’s Giza, early in the morning, right after the Eid prayers held in the mosques. Several dozens of Muslim Brotherhood supporters staged a protest demanding cancelling of the death sentences for Egypt’s former President Mohamed Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders. 

The group supporters have reportedly clashed with the local residents, so the security forces intervened and fired teargas at the protesters in an attempt to disperse the crowds. These clashes left six people dead and three injured, according to Egypt’s Ministry of Interior and Health Ministry. All of the victims were Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Another set of clashes erupted also in Giza, in the district of Kerdasa. The clashes reportedly erupted between Egyptian security forces and “armed members of Muslim Brotherhood group”, claimed the official statement. These clashes resulted in a death of one protester.

Egyptian security forces and police have also arrested 15 people in Cairo and 20 people in the coastal city of Alexandria.

On Thursday, social media pages representing Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi who is currently in prison and faces death penalty posted the alleged message claimed to be sent by Mr.Morsi. Mohamed Morsi allegedly calls in this message to continue the revolution. Thus, Muslim Brotherhood supporters attempted to hold the Eid protests to support Mohamed Morsi and the Islamist group.

Egypt’s new government has declared Muslim Brotherhood the terrorist organization, while thousands of the group’s members including the leading figures are currently in jail and face serious sentences including the death sentences and life in prison.