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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Egypt: 241 terrorists reported to be killed by the Armed Forces in North Sinai during the military operation

Mohamed Samir, Egypt's Armed Forces spokesperson
(Image: Ahram Online)
Egyptian Armed Forces have killed 241 terrorists in Northern Sinai during the five days military operation launched in Sinai on 1-5 July, according to the official statement of Egyptian military.

Egypt’s Armed Forces spokesperson, General Mohamed Samir, also stated that four wanted terrorists and 49 suspects were also arrested during an operation.

Egyptian aerial strikes also destroyed four headquarters of the terrorists based in Sinai and numerous bases and facilities as well. An official account of Egyptian Armed Forces on Facebook also contains several pictures of the mangled bodies of the terrorists killed in the military strikes during the past five days. On Saturday, 4 July, military has published videos of its aerial strikes against the terrorists and their facilities in Northern Sinai.

An official Armed Forces statement also added that 26 vehicles used by the jihadists were destroyed during an operation, including 11 land cruisers. In addition to that soldiers have found 16 bombs prepared by the terrorists for the attacks. The bombs were made safe, according to the official statement. High number of weapons including RPGs, machine guns, hand grenades and mortar shells were found and confiscated by the military.

Egyptian Armed Forces have launched a massive anti-terrorist operation in Northern Sinai after the major terrorist attack claimed by ISIS affiliated Sinai Province group that targeted 15 military and army checkpoints and positions and aimed to seize control over the city of Sheikh-Zuweid. The city is under Egyptian control now, and the army intensifies its presence throughout the Sinai Peninsula due to the terrorist treat.

Military and police presence increased also in Egyptian resorts and touristic spots in order to prevent possible attacks of the militants.