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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ukraine joins NATO military training

Ukrainian and NATO flags
(Image: Info-News)
Ukrainian government has officially declared on Saturday, 20 June, that Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel are expected to join NATO military trainings, scheduled to be held in June and July this year. Part of these trainings will be held in Romania, while another part of the trainings will be held in Ukraine.

NATO military trainings Saber Guardian/Rapid Trident 15 start on Sunday, 21 June, in Romania. EU, US and Ukrainian soldiers and security personnel will participate in these trainings. According to the information of the US Defense Ministry, some training will be organized on Ukrainian territory.

According to the information of Ukrainian Armed Forces commando nearly 290 instructors and trainers from USA will be invited for the military training to be held on Ukrainian territory. This year’s military training aims to increase effectiveness of the joint military operations of Ukraine, USA and other states, members of NATO.

American guided missile destroyer Laboon (DDG 58) will arrive in the Black Sea waters on Sunday, 21 June. According to the USA Armed Forces and Defense Ministry reports the presence of an American military vessel in Ukrainian waters of the Black Sea and the joint military training demonstrate US commitment to its responsibilities regarding achieving peace and stability in the world and will show Ukraine support.

At the end of this summer US military personnel will test safety of communications during the military training Exercise Allied Spirit II, that are planned to be held on the US military base in Germany since 4 till 25 August. Nearly 1600 participants from USA, Canada, Great Britain, Hungary and Netherlands will take part in these trainings.

Meanwhile massive NATO military training Allied Shield is ongoing in the Eastern Europe. The trainings started on the 7th June and will continue till the end of this month. More than 15000 military personnel representing 19 countries members participate in these trainings.

The second phase of the Saber Guardian/Rapid Trident 15 NATO joint military trainings will be held in Ukraine in July.