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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Syrian government forces attacked ISIS targets in the besieged city of Palmyra

The ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, currently taken by ISIS
(Image: Business insider)
After the ancient city of Palmyra was taken by the radical jihadist Islamic State (ISIS), known as Daesh in Arabic world, Syrian government aircraft forces have attacked the targets of ISIS in the city and neighborhood, according to the Syrian Armed Forces official information.

ISIS advanced to the ancient city of Palmyra at the end of the week, and the city fell to the jihadists on Thursday, 21 May. ISIS militants have tortured and executed hundreds of local citizens, mostly children, women and elderly people, according to Syrian TV and reports of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Observatory claimed they documented execution of at least 217 people, living in Palmyra, among them 67 civilians including 14 children. More than 600 people were reported to be taken as prisoners, stated Abdel Rahman, Representative of the Observatory. In addition to that many of the killed people were beheaded, added Abdel Rahman.

Though, the pro-Assad media sources reported that militants of ISIS have killed nearly 500 people in the ancient city of Palmyra.

ISIS has seized also the huge state phosphate mines located near the Tadmor-Damascus highway and are advancing the Syrian capital. Thus, the jihadist group has extended its control over large areas of the state and bigger economic interests as well.

Meanwhile, Assad Armed Forces have carried out intense airstrikes in Palmyra and the neighborhood area and targeted at least 160 ISIS bases and facilities, including weapons storages, and destroyed some of the military equipment and vehicles with the machineguns in Palmyra, its outskirts and in the eastern part of Homs region, according to the military source and state TV.

In addition to that Syrian military has launched also special operations against the forces of ISIS on the ground, in the areas of Arak, Palmyra, Al-Suknah, in Al-Hail gas fields and also on the roads leading to the city of Palmyra.

More than 50 Daesh terrorists were reported to be killed by the Syrian forces and dozens wounded. Many facilities and bases of ISIS were destroyed.

The airstrikes have also targeted some of the areas in the ancient city of Palmyra, including the ruins, the UNESCO world’s heritage site.

In addition to that these strikes have reportedly killed at least four civilians and left many injured, reported Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

But despite the intense airstrikes and military raids against the ISIS forces, Syrian military failed to halt the Islamic State’s jihadists, and ISIS still controls the city of Palmyra, and the situation is extremely tense in the region, as ISIS continues to control large Syrian territories and advances Damascus.