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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saudi Arabia: another Shia mosque hit by suicide bomber

Another bomb went off this Friday in Saudi Arabia's mosque
in the city of Dammam
(Image: Al-Jazeera)
Another bomb explosion carried out by a suicide bomber hit Saudi Arabia’s Shia mosque, located in the city of Dammam on Friday, 29 May, during the noon prayers, when the mosque was full of people.

An explosion reportedly went off in the parking area in front of the mosque, when security forces and volunteers securing the mosque entrance stopped a suspicious man attempting to enter the mosque. The man was dressed up as a woman and was prevented to enter the building, so he detonated the bomb right at the parking place.

This bombing left at least four people killed and several people wounded. In addition to that the blast set several cars ablaze and left people in utter shock. The Friday bombing became the second attack of Saudi Arabia’s Shia mosque during the latest week, with the deadly bombing of another Shia mosque in SaudiArabia, located in the village Al-Qadeeh, on the East of the country that occurred last Friday and left 21 people dead.

Extremist group Islamic State currently based in some provinces of Syria and Iraq took responsibility for the recent attack as well, same as for the last Friday’s bombing. Suicide bomber was reportedly identified by the police.

Despite the extraordinary security measure in Saudi Arabia cities taken after the recent bombings and the threats of ISIS militants that the attacks will continue, ISIS suicide bomber in Dammam managed to carry out his mission.

The situation in Saudi Arabia remains tense, as sectarian tensions get stronger and deeper, with ISIS and their supporters attacking Shia Muslims in the country. In addition to that ISIS has repeatedly stated that one of their targets in the rich Gulf kingdom is to stir sectarian confrontations and fight in the country in order to weaken and later oust the ruling family of Al-Saud.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia government stated that special security measures will be taken and that all those responsible for the recent attacks will be brought to justice, while security forces will make everything possible to prevent further attacks.