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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tunisia: 22 people were killed as a result of a terrorist attack of Parliament and Museum in Tunis

Security operation of releasing the hostages at Tunisian
Bardo Museum
(Image: Business Insider)
22 people, mostly tourists, were declared to be killed as a result of a terrible terrorist attack occurred on Wednesday, 18 March, in Tunisian capital Tunis.

The attack occurred right after noon, as several armed men opened random fire on people getting out of the touristic bus in front of the Bardo Museum. People then were chased by the attackers inside of the Museum and appeared to be trapped there as hostages during several hours. The attackers were reportedly wearing military fatigues.

Bardo Museum is located next to the building of Tunisian Parliament, where the MPs were having their session at the moment of an attack. The MPs were discussing the new measured and regulations regarding fight against terrorist, as Tunisia was hit by terrorist attacks carried out by different Islamist radical groups during the latest months. The attack thus targeted the Parliament and the Museum as well. All the MPs were evacuated from the Parliament building.

Special military operation was launched by Tunisian army and security forces in order to release the hostages taken inside of the museum. Security forces have surrounded the museum and the area around it, blocking the approach and neighboring roads. All the hostages were released during an operation, while two militants were shot dead by security forces. Tunisian police is looking for other four militants suspected in an attack.

22 people were killed as a result of the attack, according to Tunisian Interior Ministry, among them 17 foreign nationals including Polish, German, Italian and Spanish, declared Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid. Dozens were injured, some of them in critical condition, so the number of casualties could risen, according to the authorities. 

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi said in his speech that Tunisian authorities have taken all measures to ensure that such attacks will not repeat again.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has delivered his condolences to Tunisia and to the families of those killed in an attack. Egyptian President condemned an attack and emphasized support of Egypt in the fight against terrorist, calling on international community to support this fight as well.

The reaction of international community was also harsh, as international leaders condemned an attack and called on unified efforts in the fight against terrorism in the region. There was no clear information about the groups or organizations responsible for an attack, though Tunisian authorities suspect local extremist group which is the wing of Al-Qaeda in Tunisia and Maghreb region. Though new information appeared later on Thursday, as ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Tunis, posting a statement in Internet.