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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

France: Germanwings airplane crashed in French Alps

Rescue operation is ongoing in French Alps, where the German
Airbus crashed
(Image: The Guardian)
An Airbus A320, flight 4U 9535, of Lufthansa’s low cost company Germanwings, heading from Barcelona to Dusseldorf, crashed on Tuesday, 24 March, in French Alps. The airplane carried 150 people, among them 144 passengers and six cabin crew members. There are no survivors, according to the French officials.

Among the passengers died as a result of an airplane crash were at least 67 German citizens, among them 16 school students coming back from vacation. There were also Spanish and French citizens on the board, according to the media.

An airplane crash occurred in a remote area in French Alps, what makes the rescue operation more difficult, though the officials and members of the rescue team claim the condition of the crashed plane is terrible, as there is no intact piece of the wings or fuselage. Pictures and footage of the Airbus crash site appeared recently in media showing the small debris of an Airbus scattered in the area in a wide range. There is no hope that some of the people who were on the board could survive.

The cause of an airplane crash remains unknown till now. Germanwings is a daughter company of German Lufthansa, and its airplanes were always famous for its high level of safety. An Airbus underwent technical checking and maintenance recently and was technically sound and in a good condition. This airplane made its flight from Dusseldorf to Barcelona several hours before it and was making its back flight to Dusseldorf when the tragedy happened.

The cause of a Germanwings Airbus crash is still unknown, as the airplane fell during its normal flight. Though later the pilot reported emergency, and after less than half an hour the plane disappeared from the radars. Eyewitnesses in French Alps claimed they have seen an airplane flying too low over the mountains, and it was clear that something was going wrong with the machine, when it suddenly started to fall.

The so called black boxes of an airplane were already found and sent for an investigation. They might probably clear the possible cause of the crash, as the technical conditions of the plane were good, the weather was clear, and the plane suddenly started to descent in the air after it was flying on normal height.

German, French and Spanish leaders expressed shock over the Airbus crash. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reportedly cancelled all her official trips and visits and arrived in France to the crash site. German President Joachim Gauck has cancelled his Latin America official visit as well. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeir and Minister of Transportation Alexander Dobrindt headed to the crash site as well.

The crash site in the Alps mountains
(Image: The Straits Times)
French President Francois Hollande delivered his statement with the condolences to the families and friends of the passengers killed as a result of an airplane crash and said a rescue operation is ongoing in Alps. Fremch Prime Minister Manuel Valls has also arrived for the emergency meeting of German, French and Spanish leaders regarding the airplane crash. Spanish King Felipe VI and his wife Queen Letizia have also arrived in France and thanked France for its government’s help.

Airbus A320 is a popular, fast and safe passenger jet in Europe, being often used by people for the short-distance flights. Germanwings in its turn has a reputation of a safe low cost company, that’s why the Airbus crash appeared to be a terrible shock for Germany and for the rest of Europe as well. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that was the “black day of grief and sorrow” for Germany.

It’s worth mentioning also that the terrorist attack version was excluded by the US White House and European officials as well. Investigation and rescue operation are ongoing at the moment, while the families of the victims are getting special treatment in Spain and Germany as well.