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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Egypt: two people killed as a result of two militant attacks in Northern Sinai

Egyptian military in Northern Sinai
(Image: The Daily News Egypt)
Two separate militant attacks have hit Egyptian Northern Sinai in Tuesday, 10 March. Both of the attacks took place in the area of Al-Arish city.

The first attack occurred at the security camp located in the Al-Arish area on Tuesday, as the explosive laden truck attempted to storm the camp. Soldiers have reportedly opened fire on the truck, and it exploded, killing one civilian, who was working as an electrician at the camp. The truck driver died as well. This attack left at least 42 army soldiers and two civilians injured, according to the statement Tarek Khater, undersecretary of North Sinai health ministry. In addition to that some buildings located next to the camp were damaged as a result of a blast.

Later that day an armored military vehicle was attacked by the militants in the little city to the South of Al-Arish. One military officer was killed and three army soldiers were injured as a result of this attack, according to the Sinai authorities.

Northern Sinai has witnessed numerous attacks of the militants against the military and security forces of Egypt almost on a daily basis, especially after the Islamist backed President Mohamed Morsi was overthrown by Egypt’s military in 2013. Many jihadist groups are operating in the area of Northern Sinai, including one of the most organized among them, Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, responsible for the major terrorist attacks against Egyptian military and police and the group which pledged its allegiance to ISIS.

Tuesday double attacks happened several days ahead of the International Investment Summit which is expected to be held in Southern Sinai city of Sharm El-Sheikh on 13-15 March. Egyptian military and security forces have launched a special operation in Northern Sinai in order to eliminate the terrorist activity and to ensure peace and stability in the region, while additional military troops have been deployed to the region and additional security measures have been taken on the eve of an international event.

Meanwhile, Egyptian Army, fighting the terrorists in Northern Sinai, has intensified its military operation against the jihadist groups in the region during the latest months. A military spokesperson has announced recently that more than 70 jihadists and militants were killed by Egyptian army in Sinai during the latest week, while 173 militants were killed since the beginning of February.