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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Breaking: Prominent Russian oppositional politician Boris Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow

Boris Nemtsov, prominent Russian oppositional politician
(Image: Gordon Ua)
Leading Russian oppositional figure and one of the supporters of Ukraine was shot dead late on Friday, 27 February, in Moscow.

 Death of Boris Nemtsov was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Interior and his close friends as well.

According to the official information, given by the spokesperson of Russian Ministry of Interior, Boris Nemtsov was walking with his female friend, reportedly Ukrainian citizen, down the streets and passing Zamoskvoresky Bridge, close to the Red Square and Kremlin, when the car stopped next to him, and unidentified gunmen opened fire on the oppositional leader and disappeared. Police stated there were at least four shots. Boris Nemtsov died immediately from his wounds.

Moscow security forces and police have cordoned off the murder area, and special police operation was announced to be carried out in Moscow.

Boris Nemtsov was 55 years old progressive and liberal politician, who was a fierce critic of Russian current president Vladimir Putin and his regime. Boris Nemtsov served as a Prime Minister in the government of Russian former President Boris Yeltsin back in 1995. Later Mr.Nemtsov was appointed a governor of Nizhny Novgorod governorate. During latest years Boris Nemtsov was a member of the local council in Yaroslav governorate.

He was a prominent oppositional leader criticizing Putin’s corrupt and brutal regime. Boris Nemtsov was also among the biggest friends of Ukraine on the Russian political arena, accusing Putin and his authorities of aggression and war against Ukraine, illegal annexation of Crimea and attempts to destroy Ukraine as a state, what was not only a grave violation of the international law, but was also at the extremely high cost for Russian fellow citizens as well.

Boris Nemtsov was killed just three hours before his scheduled interview for the free and oppositional Russian radio channel “Echo Moskvy” (“Echo of Moscow”), and he was recently calling on people to join his peaceful march planned to be hold in Moscow on Sunday, 1 March. This march was aimed to call for stop Russian aggression against Ukraine. Boris Nemtsov’s last tweet in micro blogging network Twitter was calling of Russians to join the Sunday peaceful march. Mr.Nemtsov was also harshly criticizing Russian President and his regime for the terrible and politically motivated case of Ukrainian female pilot Nadia Savchenko, who continues her hunger strike for more than 75 days as a protest against false accusations.

It’s worth mentioning that Boris Nemtsov told recently in several interviews that he could be probably killed by the current Russian regime for his strong opposition to Putin.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called murder of Boris Nemtsov a "provocation" and stated that he takes the murder investigationunder his personal control, according to Putin's spokesperson Mr. Peskov.