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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ukraine: Ministry of Social Policies announced the number of servicemen killed in ATO

Ukrainian Armed Forces
(Image: World Defense News)
Lyudmila Denysova, current Minister of Social Policies of Ukraine, has announced the number of Ukrainian servicemen, killed during an anti-terrorist operation which is ongoing in Donetsk and Luhansk regions since April 2014.

According to Mrs. Denysova statement, 1762 soldiers and fighters of the volunteers’ battalions were killed during the military operation in Eastern Ukraine. This figure outnumbers the official information about the killed servicemen and is almost two times bigger than National Defense and Security Council announced.

Thus, 1762 Ukrainian soldiers have been granted status of an anti-terrorist operation participant posthumously, said Mrs. Denysova.

Though, the Military Prosecutor General, Anatoliy Matios, has reported earlier in October that 953 Ukrainian servicemen were killed since the beginning of an anti-terrorist operation in Donbas region. Among them 745 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 69 members of the Interior Ministry units, 58 soldiers of the State Border Guard Service, 10 members of SBU (Intelligence Service) and 63 fighters of National Guard. Other 3628 servicemen were wounded in the fights, according to the official numbers.

Ukrainian National Defense and Security Council also declared later that more than 100 Ukrainian soldiers and servicemen were killed since the announcement of a ceasefire after Minsk agreements.