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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NATO: Russian troops and military equipment entered Eastern Ukraine

Columns of Russian military equipment on the way to Eastern
(Image: DW)
General Philip Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, has stated that NATO has registered active movements of Russian troops and military equipment and weapons close to the border with Ukraine during the recent two days and that NATO has also witnessed Russian military forces and columns with technique entering Eastern Ukraine in the zone of an anti-terrorist operation.

During his speech in Sofia, Bulgaria, Mr. Breedlove ahs stated that Russian tanks, artillery, missile systems and troops have already entered Donbas region.

It’s worth mentioning that representatives of OSCE monitoring mission operating in Eastern Ukraine have reported on 11 November about movement of the military convoy consisted of 43 trucks without any signs, including the trucks transporting heavy military vehicles and equipment.

Meanwhile, heavy and intense shelling is ongoing in the city of Donetsk, as pro-Russian rebels have attacked the positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard several times during the night. According to the information of the journalists working in the area, the rockets were fired from the district close to the center and targeted Donetsk International airport, which is being held by Ukrainian soldiers for over several months.

Philip Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander
Europe of NATO
(Image: Wikipedia)
Press-Center of and anti-terrorist operation reported that one Ukrainian soldier was wounded after the recent airport attacks. The airport is still controlled by Ukrainian forces.

Russia in its turn denies all the accusations of Ukraine and Western countries and claims it never supported and aided the terrorists in Donbas region and has no influence on the militants.

Ukrainian Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak declared recently that Ukrainian servicemen participating in an anti-terrorist operation prepare actively for the upcoming military operations and warfare in the zone of ATO, as Russia continues deployment of new troops and military technique, including heavy military vehicles and missile systems, along the border of Ukraine. Pro-Russian militants in their turn continue receiving military aid from Russia and prepare for an attack.

Thus, the situation remains extremely tense and dangerous, as a threat of a possible massive military attack of the terrorists and Russians increases during the recent days.

Many experts and analysts think that Russia could probably escalate the situation and even attack Ukraine after the coming G-20 Summit.