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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Egypt: Clashes erupted during Friday Islamist rallies

Small Islamist rallies in Egypt
(Image: The Daily Mail)
Friday Islamist rallies planned by the ultra-conservative Salafi group all over Egypt failed to drive huge crowds of protesters, though they turned violent as protesters clashed with police in Cairo and in some other Egyptian cities as well.

Security measures were tightened in Cairo and in Egypt nationwide ahead of the planned protests aimed to gather thousands of demonstrators in order to protest for “preserving and saving Islamic identity” of Egypt and to protest against ouster of the former President Mohamed Morsy.

Despite the heavy security presence in the streets of Egyptian cities and numerous arrests of many Muslim Brotherhood activists ahead of the rally protesters clashed with the police and security forces.

Clashes left at least five people dead, one of them was reportedly a police officer. Protesters claimed police was shooting the people randomly and without warning, though the Ministry of Interior stated in its official speech that police officer and servicemen came under fire during the clashes with protesters.

Police has dispersed the crowds of protesters fast in Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt.