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Friday, October 24, 2014

Egypt: Jihadist group claimed responsibility for the new Cairo University blast

Police in front of the gates of Cairo University after
the blast
(Image: AP)
A bomb exploded outside of Cairo University on Wednesday, 22 October, amid the ongoing protests of students nationwide. The blast occurred on Wednesday afternoon next to the university, near the faculty building and actually at site of the previous deadly bombing, which happened in April this year and left one police officer dead and several servicemen wounded.

The explosion site was closed by security forces, and the investigation has started. The initial examination reportedly showed that there was an improvised bomb, which was probably detonated from the distance, using mobile device. The bomb was placed in a gas pipeline, close to the position of the policemen, guarding the university premises, so this attack probably targeted security forces, according to the official statement of the Ministry of Interior.

It’s worth mentioning that the previous deadly bombing has targeted police as well. Egyptian universities experience the wave of the students’ protests and demonstrations, organized and attended mostly by the Muslim Brotherhood supporters, protesting against the current regime. The protests often turn violent, so the police guards the universities from outside, entering the territory of the university campuses only in cases of the clashes.

The beginning of the new academic year in Egypt was also marked by the students’ protests held in Cairo, Alexandria and many other Egyptian cities as well. Recent protests in Alexandria also turned violent, as the students clashed with the security forces. Several dozens were injured, while the last week clashes in Alexandria University left one student dead.

Egyptian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior have reported about 11 injured, among them six policemen and five civilians. All of them were transported to the hospitals for treatment, while the investigation of the explosion is ongoing.

Meanwhile, newly created Egyptian Jihadist group Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) has recently claimed responsibility for the Wednesday’s Cairo University blast and also for several previous attacks. The group has release its statement in internet, claiming that this was an operation “against criminal security forces” of Egypt.