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Thursday, July 17, 2014

USA and EU impose new package of sanctions against Russia amid the ongoing Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine

USA President Barak Obama
(Image: Wikipedia)
As a massive anti-terrorist operation of Ukrainian forces is ongoing in Eastern Ukrainian Donbas region and the confrontation turns into the new stage, when Russia actually not only supports and finance pro-Russian separatists and terrorists in Ukraine, but also sends the troops, recruiting the mercenaries in the Russian cities including Moscow, and even fires openly at Ukrainian soldiers and border checkpoints with the missiles from the Russian territory, USA and EU finally impose the third level of the sanctions against Russia.

As Russia doesn’t show any signs of the attempts to deescalate the situation in Eastern Ukraine and continues destabilizing Ukrainian Eastern region, USA President Barak Obama announced on Wednesday, 16 July, that US unilaterally imposes the third level of sanctions against Russian companies and key sectors of Russian economic and against several Russian high officials and oligarchs as well.

Press Service of the US Ministry of Finance report about the new package of sanctions to be imposed against Russia.

Several major Russian institutions and companies will face the new American sanctions, among them Gazprombank, Vneshexpobank, Russian Military Kalashnikoff Concern, one of the biggest Russian oil companies Rosneft’ and many others, most of them representing key sectors of Russian economic. Thus, the recently imposed sanctions are expected to seriously affect and damage Russian economical situation in the nearest future.

Thus, these sanctions will affect the companies of the military and industrial complex, oil and gas sector, banks working for the oil and gas companies and structures and other institutions as well. In addition to that personal sanctions were imposed also against several Russian officials, including member and Vice-Speaker of Russian Parliament Sergey Neverov, Minister for the Crimean Affairs Oleg Savelyev, Assistant of Russian President Igor Schegolev, General of FSB Sergey Beseda, who had close ties with Ukrainian ousted president Victor Yanukovich and has reportedly met with him during the massacre of Ukrainian demonstrators in February, and some other personalities as well.

Russian experts and oppositional politicians expect these sanctions to become a serious threat to Russian economy and Putin’s system as well, as the biggest companies and Putin’s aides will be affected by the sanctions.

USA announced earlier their readiness to impose the new package of sanctions without EU, in case EU leaders will not find the common solution and won’t take a decision regarding the sanctions against Russia during the EU summit in Brussels on 16 July.

European Union in its turn took a decision regarding the situation in Ukraine and Russian invasion and declared that it will impose the new wave of sanctions against Russian high officials and oligarchs and persons involved in the crisis in Ukranian Donetsk.

European Council statement stated that European Council and EU members and leaders are sorry that Russia didn’t take any steps to deescalate the situation and on the contrary continues to destabilize it more and intensified its support of military aggression. That’s why EU also imposes its own sanctions against Russia.

Meanwhile, situation in Eastern Ukraine, where an anti-terrorist operation is ongoing, remains extremely tense, as Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard face terrible attacks of the Russian backed terrorists. Several Ukrainian checkpoints are under constant fire from the Russian side, as the video evidences and analysis of them indicates, there are casualties.