Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ukrainian Armed Forces suffer serious losses in Eastern Ukraine as an anti-terrorist operation is ongoing

Ukrainian military checkpoint, attacked by the terrorists
(Image: Facebook)
Anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine, Donbas region, is ongoing for the 10th day after the unilateral ceasefire was officially ended by the decree of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and the massive anti-terrorist operation aimed at elimination of the terrorist activities in eastern Ukraine resumed.

Ukrainian forces make an advance in the anti-terrorist operation, liberating new cities every day and restoring the control over them. Though Friday, 11 July, became really another black day for Ukrainian military, when one of the military positions in the village of Zelenopillya (Luhansk region) was attacked by the pro-Russian forces and Russian terrorists. Nearly 30 soldiers were killed as a result of this brutal attack, when Ukrainian soldiers were attacked with the series of the rocket strikes, shot from the Russian BM-21 “GRAD” multiply rocket launcher.

Two battalions of Ukrainian Armed Forces were attacked by the terrorists who fired at the positions of Ukrainian military form the side of the Russian border. There were reports that the missile launcher was probably allowed on Ukrainian territory by the Russian border guards, as the fire came from the direction of Russia and as the forces of Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation are being destroying systematically military technique of the terrorists. In addition to that, the experts claim that this attack could be possibly controlled and navigated with the help of the Russian drones, which violated Ukrainian air spaces systematically. The investigation of the case is currently ongoing.

Official sources mention that 19 soldiers were killed in an attack and 93 were wounded, according to the official report published on the website of Ukrainian Defense Forces. According to the report the militants were firing from the distance of about 15 kilometers.

But there are also the reports of the higher numbers of casualties. Thus, an advisor of Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, Zoryan Shkiryak, who is currently in the zone of an anti-terrorist operation. Declared that there were at least 30 Ukrainian soldiers killed. Though the numbers cannot be clarified till now, as the destruction is great and serious, and there were repeated strikes of the terrorists, so the numbers of casualties could be possibly higher.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko held an immediate and urgent meeting with the representatives of the Armed Forces, Interior Ministry, SBU, commando of an anti-terrorist operation and National Security and Defense Council over the recent tragedy.

Ukrainian miltary checkpoint, attacked by the terrorists
(Image: Facebook)
Mr. Poroshenko’s reaction was harsh as he declared the readiness of Ukrainian military to respond this attack and to bring everybody to responsibility.
“For every life of our soldiers the rebels will pay tens and hundreds of their own. Not a single terrorist will escape responsibility,” state Petro Poroshenko during the meeting.

Meanwhile, an anti-terrorist operation official spokesperson Vladislav Seleznyov claims that some media exaggerate the numbers of killed Ukrainian soldiers. He reported that there were 23 soldiers killed during the latest day of an anti-terrorist operation.

Ukrainian forces in their turn continue an active phase of an anti-terrorist operation, freeing several new cities and settlements in Eastern Ukraine and restoring control over Izvarine border checkpoint. Ukrainian air forces strike successfully the terrorists, destroying also their bases and columns with the military technique. Anti-terrorist operation officials reports that about 500 terrorists were destroyed during the latest days of the operation.

The most important task for Ukrainian forces is currently to restore the control over the border and to close it in order to prevent the terrorists from receiving the new arms and supplies from Russia.

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