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Friday, July 18, 2014

Updated. Malaysian airplane was crashed in Eastern Ukraine, close to the Russian border

Burning debris of a crashed Malaysian airplane in Donetsk
(Image: Getty Images)
As fierce fights between Ukrainian Armed Forces and pro-Russian separatists and Russian terrorists are ongoing in Ukraine, leaving scores of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians dead, the world is shocked with the tragedy of the Malaysian Boeing-777, crashed over Eastern Ukraine, in the volatile Donetsk region.

Boeing-777 of Malaysian airlines was heading from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Kuala-Lumpur (Malaysia) and was lost of the airports’ radars at about 16:00 local time. Later Malaysian and Ukrainian officials confirmed the MH17 airplane was crashed near the village of Hrabove, Donetsk region, nearly 40 kilometers from the Russian border.

There were 283 passengers and 15 members of crew on the board. There were no survivors in the crash. According to the official reports, there were 193 citizens of Netherlands, 27 Australians, 43 Malaysians, 23 citizens of USA, 11 Indonesians, 4 Germans, 4 Belgians, 3 French citizens, 9 citizens of UK, 1 Canadian and 3 citizens of Philippines. Citizenship of other passengers isn’t confirmed yet. There were 80 children among the dead passenger of the jet. The airplane MH17 was a commercial flight. 

The airplane was hit by the missiles, according to the reports of Ukrainian Defense Forces and the results of the preliminary investigation. The plane was crashed in the air and fell near Hrabove, close to the city of Torez. The debris of the plane and bodies and bodies’ parts of the dead passengers were reported to be scattered in the range of nearly 4 km away from the crash site.

People and the debris of a crashed Malaysian jet
(Image: Yahoo News)
Ukrainian Advisor of the Ministry of Interior Anton Geraschenko who was in the area reported that the plane was hit by the system of an air-to-air or a surface-to-air missiles and that the stroke was made from the Russian territory. Ukrainian airborne didn’t fly over the area since yesterday, as Ukrainian military and transport airplanes face repeatedly Russian missiles’ attacks. Thus, Ukrainian AN-26 was hit by the Russian terrorists and their supporters on Monday, while Ukrainian Su-25 was hit on Wednesday. In all the cases the strikes were made with the modern weaponry which requires professionalism in using it.

Malaysian airplane was hit by the rocket in the sky, when it was at a height of 10 000 meters. Such a strike cannot be carried out by the MANPADs, as their range of fire is about 6-7 kilometers. Thu hit like this one could be made only with the help of an air-to-air or a surface-to-air missile launcher, such as Russian designed Buk. Ukrainian military doesn’t have this kind of weapon in the area of the conflict, reported Ukrainian Armed Forces spokesperson. Ukrainian military airplanes didn’t carry out the flights since Wednesday as well, what can be confirmed, and Ukraine is ready to present all the evidences, claim Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition to that the area where the MH17 was crashes is under control of the terrorists and is located close to the Russian border, as Russia continues to support the terrorists with the sources and the modern weapon.

Terrorists themselves claimed several days ago that they possess several Buk missile launchers. The video made right after the attack on the civilian airplane was released on Youtube, picturing one of the Buk missile launchers moving away towards Torez, which is also under control of the terrorists.

Thus, Ukrainian officials officially accuse Russia of carrying out a terrible attack or assisting the terrorists in it. Russian in its turn denies all the accusations, and Russian president’s spokesperson Peskov even called these allegations “stupidity”. Russian media and officials later accused Ukraine in carrying out an attack, claiming that the MH17 was either hit by the air-to air system of the Ukrainian military airplane or that it was hit by mistake as Ukrainian Defense Forces intended to strike the special board of Putin. Putin in his turn accused Ukraine in the tragedy and declared that as this terrible incident happened on its territory, its Ukrainian responsibility.

Terrorists of the so called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics also denied their involvement in the attacks, while they declared they were responsible for the previous similar attacks of Ukrainians military airplanes. But it’s worth mentioning that the terrorists announced earlier in the day that they’ve managed to hit Ukrainian AN-26 with the soldiers, and these reports came right at the time of a Malaysian jet crash. Moreover, the first videos appeared in internet and in the Russian news showed the scene of an airplane crash. Later the terrorists found out that it was actually a civilian flight. There was a version that those who attacked the airplane actually intended to strike Ukrainian military airplane but hit mistakenly a Malaysian civilian jet.

Meanwhile Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called the tragedy with the Malaysian civilian jet a “terrorist act” and declared that all the responsible people should be held accountable for this terrible act. He ordered the formation of a special investigative team in order to investigate the details and the circumstances of the airline’s crash. USA President Barak Obama, who had reportedly a phone call regarding the airplane crash with the Russian president, stated that USA will also send its observers and investigators.

UN Security Council declared it will initiate an emergency meeting over Ukrainian situation with the recent increase of the missile attacks of Ukrainian Armed Forces coming from the Russian side and over the terrible crash of the airplane.

Ukrainians bringing flowers and candles to the Dutch Embassy
in Kyiv
(Image: Facebook, 
US officials have also declared that the satellite pictures and dates of Pentagon and NATO will be provided for the detailed investigation in order to find out where the rocket was shot from. There are no doubts anymore that the airplane was hit by a missile, its origin and place where from the attack was carried out are being investigated.

Pro-Russian and Russian terrorists headed by the Russian GRU officer Girkin (the so called “Strelok”) declared a three-day ceasefire in order the investigation could be conducted.

Meanwhile, the situation deteriorates significantly as the terror and shock overcame people all over the world. International airlines companies change rapidly the routes of their flights trying to avoid the air space over Ukraine. Eurocontrol has reportedly closed the air space over Ukraine for the civilian jets. Several airlines suspended temporally their flights to Ukraine, including Air France, Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot and others.

As the tragedy appeared to be so terribly shocking for the world and for Ukrainians, the situation in the war zone in Eastern Ukraine remains tense and dangerous. Ukrainian soldiers and positions of Ukrainian Army are being repeatedly attacked by the advanced Russian military and missiles, fired from the Russian territory and indicating actually the beginning of the next stage of an open Russian military aggression against Ukraine. In addition to that Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation officials and soldiers as well confirmed the information about the appearance of more than 400 Russian soldiers on the territory of Donbas regions. They are in the Russian military uniform but without insignia.

Ukrainians National Security and Defense Council met late in the night on Thursday in order to discuss the recent developments, the fact of an open Russian aggression and the crash of a civilian jet. The option of declaring a martial law in the region is also on the table, reported Svyatoslav Tsegolko, officials spokesperson of Ukrainians President Petro Poroshenko.

Meanwhile investigation has started at the site of the airplane crash, though the international team of investigators and also the observing mission of OSCE were prevented from getting to the site of a catastrophe for a long time, as the terrorists, controlling the perimeter, blocked it. Despite the ceasefire, announced earlier by the terrorists commando, observers and investigators faced serious difficulties by trying to get to the place of the crash.

Most of the bodies of the airplane crash victims have been already found, nearly 34 bodies have been reportedly transferred to the local Donetsk morgue. There were rumours and unconfirmed reports that the terrorists were planning to send the bodies on the Russian territory, the same as the two "black boxes". Though the "black boxes" were given to Ukraine later.

UN Security Council has gathered for the emergency meeeting over the MH17 crash in Ukraine on Friday, where Russia was actually accused of being behind this terrible attack, as Russia openly supports the terrorists and there are numerous evidences, handed to the UN Security Council by Ukrainian side and obtained also by NATO and Pentagon, proving Russian involvement in the arming of the terrorists. In addition to that there is still a possibility that there could be even not the mercenaries in Donbas, but the professional Russian Military behind this attack, as operating swuch a difficult systmem as rocket launcher "Buk" requires professionalism.

OSCE had also an emergency meeting regarding the terrible tragedy with the Malaysian airline and issued a statement, calling for the ceasefire and conducting of the fast and independent investigation.

USA also claim they have satellite pictures and information received from the satellites controlling the area, and the moment and place of lauching a rocket was captured there. Though no specific details are disclosed till now. USA only declared that the MH17 was hit with the rocket.

Meanhwile Ukrainian SBU (Intelligence Office) announced on Saturday they tracked the place of launching the rocket and that they have the evidences, which they are ready to present. The rocket was allegedly launched by the terrorists with the assistance and participation of the Russian professional soldiers, claim SBU officials. Later on Friday Ukrainian border guard and SBU personnel have arrested a Russian serviceman on the border who is actually a rocket launcher specialist. Ukrainian officials demand Russia to give the names of those persons responsible for the firing of the rocket.