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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hamas officially rejected Egypt’s ceasefire proposal. Israel and Hamas agreed for UN requested temporally ceasefire in Gaza

Israeli aerial strikes in Gaza
(Image: Jerusalem Times)
Israeli Defense Forces resumed their military operation and aerial strikes against the militants in Gaza after Hamas violated the ceasefire agreement proposed by Egypt and continued firing the rockets and missiles at Israeli territory. In addition to that Israel continues its preparation for a broader military operation in order to eliminate terrorist activities in Gaza, threatening security of Israeli citizens.

Gaza in its turn is under heavy fire of IDF, and the situation in the besieged enclave remains tense and deteriorating, coming close to the humanitarian catastrophe, not to mention numerous casualties. Gaza Emergency Service and Ministry of Health reported that at least 234 Palestinians were killed during the nine days of Israeli military operation launched in Gaza against Hamas militants. More than 80% of those killed are civilians and nearly one third of them are children, reports UN. The number of injured people reaches more than 1500, as there are also thousands of displaced people, who have nothing left and are forced to look for shelter in UNRWA camps.

One Israeli citizen was killed on Tuesday during the Hamas bombing, and there are dozens of injured people.

Egypt, brokered the 2012 ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, proposed recently the new ceasefire agreement for Israel and Hamas. Both sides have to halt the violence and all the hostilities and start the talks regarding the future of the Gaza territories and also about Gaza disarmament. Israeli government accepted the ceasefire proposed by Egypt. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who arrived in Cairo for the ceasefire talks, also accepted the ceasefire agreement. Hamas though was reluctant with accepting the terms of this truce, claiming that they were not consulted about the issue and that this ceasefire agreement doesn’t represent their interests and doesn’t give more freedom for the people of Gaza. Hamas representative also arrived in Cairo for the talks, but later on Wednesday Hamas officially rejected the ceasefire agreement proposed by Egypt.

The same fate waited for the ceasefire agreement terms and plan proposed by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as this plan was also rejected by Hamas, willing to guarantee itself more power and influence in the region.

Thus, the situation is tense, as the strikes of Hamas continue to hit Israel, and Israel responds with the new aerial strikes as well. The number of killed people in Gaza reached 16 during Wednesday, including killing of four children, who played on the beach and appeared to be close to the Hamas missiles launcher. The incident provokes furious reactions, and Israeli officials declared an investigation is ongoing. There was also an official statement of IDF that IDF don’t target any civilian objects intentionally.

Meanwhile Hamas and Israel accepted a temporary ceasefire for the humanitarian means to take into effect on Thursday’s morning. This ceasefire was requested by UN due to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza. Thus, Israeli Cabinet and IDF spokesperson as well announced that Israel will stop fire for the 6 hours in order to give the Palestinians of Gaza the chance to receive humanitarian aid, to get supplies and to restore infrastructure. Hamas also declared they will accept the ceasefire.

But Israel also stated that in case this ceasefire will be violated by Hamas, IDF will resume its military operation.