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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Egypt: Friday Islamist and pro-Morsi protests turned violent in Cairo and Alexandria

Friday protests in Cairo turned violent
(Image: VOA)
Friday rallies of Islamists and of supporters of Egyptian ousted President Mohamed Morsi, organized by the Alliance to Support Legitimacy, turned violent as the protesters clashed with the police in several districts of Cairo and in the coastal city of Alexandria as well.

The protests were attended by several hundred supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, currently banned by Egyptian government and designated as a terrorist organization, and supporters of Mohamed Morsi, who was ousted one year ago by Egyptian Army after the wave of the massive nationwide protests.

The rallies started after traditional Friday noon prayers, as the protesters have been marching down the streets carrying the posters with the portrait of Mohamed Morsy and demanding him to be reinstated as the country’s President. People were also chanting against the state of Israel and its current assault in Gaza Strip and demanded Egyptian government to react. They were carrying the posters with the slogans in support of Gaza and burnt Israeli and American flags as well.

Protesters were also protesting the rise of the fuel prizes as well. Protesters in Cairo marched towards the police station where they reportedly clashed with the police and security forces, throwing the rocks and the bottles at the policemen. Police fired teargas in order to disperse the crowd and was chasing the protesters.

Two people were killed as a result of the violent clashes in Cairo. One of them was a man in his 60ies, while another one was a guy of 16 years old.

Clashes erupted also in the city of Alexandria, as protesters have clashed with the police as well. Nearly 10 people were arrested by the Egyptian police for clashing with the security forces, disrupting the order and staging an unauthorized protest.

Several people were arrested for the same charges also in the city of Fayoum.