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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ukrainian Armed Forces took the offensive in Eastern Ukraine amid an increasing terrorist activity and tragic loss of Ukrainian forces in Luhansk

Ukrainian airplane with soldiers shot down by the
Russian terrorists
(Image: US News)
Ukrainian military and security forces continue an active phase of the ongoing anti-terrorist operation launched in Eastern Ukrainian Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where the Russian and Russian backed terrorists continue to destabilize the situation.

After successes of Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard on Friday, 13 June, when the city of Mariupol was released from the terrorists and the control over the city was restored, Ukrainian military faced terrible losses on Saturday, 14 June. Russian terrorists have shot down Ukrainian aircraft transporting soldiers and ammunition to the zone of the anti-terrorist operation. There were three Ukrainian aircrafts sent to the ATO zone and planning to land in Luhansk, as one of them was shot down during the landing. 49 people including 30 soldiers from all over Ukraine and 9 members of the airplane’s crew were killed as a result of this strike.

In addition to that heave battles continued on Saturday on the border with Russia, as Russian backed terrorists have opened fire on one of Ukrainian border checkpoints. Ukraine has lost 5 soldiers in this battle.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has addressed the nation in his speech and expressed condolences to the families of the dead soldiers. He called this situation unacceptable and called for the Western leaders and partners to use all the possible measures in order to help Ukraine to stop Russian aggression. Thus, Mr.Poroshenko called on EU to impose the next wave of sanctions against Russia and its key economic sectors during his telephone conversation with the French President Francois Hollande.

It’s worth mentioning also that Ukraine has presented the evidence of the Russian military presence and Russian direct assistance and support of the terrorist cells operation in eastern Ukraine. Among these evidences are the weapons produced in Russia and being on the balance of Russian military and documents seized after several terrorist bases were destroyed during the Saturday’s anti-terrorist operation.

In addition to that NATO and USA have presented earlier the evidences and satellite pictures showing the movement of three Russian tanks, which appeared on 12 June on the territory of Ukraine. NATO, for example, made a deep analysis of the pictures and made a conclusion that these tanks came from the Russian side and are Russian, and there could be probably the tanks used by Russia during the Crimea conflict. It’s worth mentioning that NATO and Western countries have stated earlier that if there will be the evidences of Russian direct involvement in Eastern Ukrainian conflict, there will be serious consequences. Thus, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated today that the current situation and Russian refusal to de-escalate the situation is unacceptable, and USA warmed of the imposing of the third wave of sanctions. The statements about the direct and open war in Ukraine led by the neighboring country started to officially appear in the West.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces continue their anti-terrorist operation and have taken offensive during the latest days, according to the Saturday’s statement of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. He stated that at least 11 cities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions were freed and released from the terrorist during the latest 24 hours and more than 280 km of the border were taken under control. He also stated that the special and urgent meeting of the National Security and Defense Council and Parliament will be held on 16 June in order to discuss the current situation and to take decision about the further measures. Thus, the border should be closed as soon as possible, which should make impossible the movements of the Russian terrorists and military technique and weapons from Ukraine. In addition to that the special humanitarian corridors are being created in the anti-terrorist operation zone in order to give the civilians the chance to safely leave the war zone.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council and heads of an anti-terrorist operation reported that more than 250 terrorists were killed during the latest day of an operation and 11 cities were cleared of the terrorists.

Thus, the situation remains tense, as an anti-terrorist operation is ongoing and Ukrainian army still suffers terrible losses.

In addition to that, dozens of protesters in Kyiv have surrounded the Russian embassy on Saturday, demanding Ukrainian authorities to cut the diplomatic relations with the aggressor and to expel the Ambassador. Peaceful demonstration though turned into clashes, as angry protesters have torn the embassy cars and threw the eggs and stones at the embassy building. An attempt to storm the embassy was stopped, but it created an unpleasant situation, as Russian officials immediately demanded UN Security Council to issue a resolution regarding this incident as a violation of the international treaties and norms. Interestingly, Russian side seems to forget about its troops and militants crossing Ukrainian borders and leadi9ng a war here.

Meanwhile, as Russia continues its military aggression and the so-called hybrid war in Eastern Ukraine, it also continues its usual gas wars with Ukraine threatening to cut off the gas in case Ukraine won’t pay its debts. Ukraine though insists that there are no debts and that Ukraine will not pay unjust price for Russian gas. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has stated recently that Ukraine will sue Russian in Stockholm Court and that it will stop receiving Russian gas since Monday, 16 June.