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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Egypt hit by four explosions this Friday as pro-Morsy demonstrations are ongoing

The scene after blast in Cairo Ramsis street
(Image: Al-Arabia)
Egypt was hit by the four explosions on Friday, 2 May, which left at least four people killed and several wounded.

The first explosion hit a road police check point in Cairo’s Masr El-Gedida (Heliopolis) district, killing one low ranking officer and injured four soldiers and conscripts. Media sources reported that a primitive bomb targeted a traffic check point close to the building of court. Police and experts are working on the scene, and investigation was started. The injured people were transferred for treatment to the Heliopolis hospital.

Early in the morning two explosions occurred in South Sinai, a restive Egyptian region, where terrorist and extremist forces continue to target Egyptian security and Armed Forces since ouster of the Islamist backed President Mohamed Morsy.

Both of the South Sinai explosions were carried out by the suicide bombers. One of them hit the “Wadi El-Tor” security check point, operated by the joint military and police forces and located 100 km from the popular tourist city of Sharm El-Sheikh. This explosion killed a bomber himself and a conscript and injured five other security personnel.

Blast in Cairo Heliopolis
(Image: Ahram Online)
Soon after this attack another suicide bomber blew himself up on the road right in front of the tour bus, transporting the workers from the South Sinai resorts. This attack left at least nine injured people. The bomber was killed in a result of an explosion.

All the injured people were transferred to the local hospital. Police is investigating the case.

Later the fourth blast hit Egyptian capital Cairo, as an explosive laden car exploded near the metro station on the Ramsis Street, downtown Cairo. At least one person was killed, according to the officials and media. Experts and policemen cordoned the area and continue their work there, checking the area in case there are other explosive devices or bombs as well.

These four explosions have occurred on Friday, which is traditionally the day of the protests and marches of Muslim Brotherhood’s and Mohamed Morsy’s supporters. This Friday pro-Morsy marches have been held in several Egyptian cities as well, including Cairo and Alexandria. The Islamist and pro-Morsy rallies have turned violent, as the demonstrators have clashed with the angry locals and security forces as well.

Police cordoning the area of the explosion
(Image: Ahram Online)
In Cairo’s Helwan district supporters of Morsy and Islamist protesters have clashed with the police forces, arriving to disperse them. Some protesters have reportedly opened fire on policemen, injuring three people, one conscript and two captains.

Pro-Morsy demonstrations turned violent in the coastal city of Alexandria as well, leaving two people dead and at least three people injured, after pro-Morsy demonstrators have clashed with the local residents. Police arrived on the scene to disperse the crowds and detained 27 people.

Situation in Egypt remains tense and unstable, with the lack of security and a wave of violence and terrorist attacks, hitting the country on the eve of its upcoming presidential elections to be held at the end of May.