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Monday, April 14, 2014

Ukraine will launch a full-scale anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine in order to resist Russian aggression

Ukrainian military forces
(Image: Wikipedia)
Situation in Eastern Ukraine remains tense, with no signs of de-escalation, as the Russian terrorists and pro-Russian separatists continue to control several administrative buildings in some cities of Donetsk region, including Slovyansk.

Ukrainian police and SBU have launched an anti-terrorist operation in Slovyansk in the night of Saturday, restoring control over several buildings. One SBU officer was killed during the operation; at least 9 people were wounded. There are reports about casualties on the side of separatists, while at least three people were killed. Separatists claimed two of them were Russian citizens.

Despite the operation, separatists and Russian terrorists continue to control police headquarters in Slovyansk and continue attempts to destabilize situation on other Eastern Ukrainian cities. Thus, massive rally to support unity of Ukraine held in Kharkinv on Sunday turned violent, as supporters of federalization and Russia have beaten violently pro-Ukrainian protesters and even attempted to seize the building of Kharkiv regional office.

Russian soldiers and terrorists in Ukraine
(Image: National Post)
Ukrainian authorities have gathered on Sunday again for an extraordinary meeting of National Security and Defense Council, SBU and Ministry of Interior in order to discuss the current situation and to take the decision regarding the further steps and measures to resolve the crisis.

Ukrainian acting President Oleksandr Turchinov has rejected a recommendation of National Security and Defense Council and Ministry of Interior to declare state of emergency in Eastern Ukrainian regions. Acting President though has issued a decree ordering to launch a massive, full-scale national anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine with involvement of Ukrainian Armed Forces, in order to resist Russian military aggression.

“We will not allow the Crimean scenario to repeat in Eastern Ukraine,” Mr. Turchinov declared during the meeting. The operation will be launched in the nearest future. Andriy Parubiy, Head of National Security and Defense Council, has stated that Ukrainian forces will make everything to restore control in the Eastern Ukrainian regions and to destroy the foreign infiltrators and invaders together with their weapons.

Head of SBU (Secret Intelligence Office) Valentyn Nalyvaychenko didn’t share the details of the upcoming operation, but mentioned that it will be very fast and will be carried out in the nearest future.

Russian terrorists and pro-Russian separatists in
Eastern Ukraine
(Image: Reuters)
In addition to that several battalions of the recently formed National Guard will be sent to the Eastern Ukrainian regions for guarding the neighboring areas.

It’s worth mentioning, that ordinary people and local residents started to mobilize and organize themselves in order to defend their lands from Russian invaders. Nobody has doubts anymore regarding the identity of the “separatists” and “supporters of federalization”, as there are too many evidences proving that Ukraine was already invaded by the Russian soldiers (weapons, uniform, and testimonies of some soldiers).

Ukrainian officials also declared that Ukraine has already enough evidences and facts of Russian involvement in the recent events in Eastern Ukraine, organizing the provocations and destabilizing situation in the country, trying to destroy the country and todis presidential elections planned to be held on 25 May 2014.

Ukraine supplies UN Security Council and EU officials with the facts and evidences regarding Russian aggression and involvement of Russian Special Forces and agents in destabilizing of the situation in Ukraine. These evidences will be also presented during the meeting to be held in Geneva on 17 April. The meeting is expected to be attended by the representatives of Ukraine, USA, EU and Russia, though Russian continue to threaten international community that it may cancel its participation in a response on using force against the separatists.

Ukrainian acting President Oleksandr Turchinov declares
launching of a full-scale anti-terrorist operation
(Image: The Business insider)
In addition to that, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted harsh on a decision of Ukrainian authorities to launch a full-scale anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine. Russia accused Ukraine in attempts of “oppressing the will and demands” of people from the Eastern regions and initiated an immediate meeting of UN Security Council and OSCE in order to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian ousted and escaped president Victor Yanukovich has held another press-conference in Russian Rostov again, accompanied by the ex-Prosecutor General Pshonka and ex-Minister of Interior Zakharchenko, all of them convicted criminals and wanted by Ukrainian court and Interpol for their crimes. Yanukovich accused the new government of Ukraine in a current crisis and stated that Ukraine is facing bankruptcy and is on the edge of a civil war. Zakharchenko in his turn has stated that massive provocations against Russian soldiers are being prepared on the borders. Thus, it seems he simply expressed the further Russian plans.

Thus, the situation remains extremely tense, with the Russian soldiers and terrorists controlling the buildings in Slovyansk and continuing to destabilize situation in the country. Ukrainian massive anti-terrorist operation is on its way.