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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Russian military invasion started in Ukraine, claim experts, as Russian armed terrorists continue to seize administrative buildings in Eastern Ukraine

Russian forces and armed terrorists seizing police station in
Slovyansk, Donetsk region
(Image: Reuters)
Situation in Eastern Ukraine remains to be extremely tense amid the ongoing clashes between the pro-Russian forces and separatists with Ukrainian security forces and attempts of the separatists and armed militants to federalize the country. These attempts are backed by the Russian government, openly and officially demanding federalization of Ukraine, Russian language as a second official language and refusal of Ukraine to join any of the international organizations and blocks including EU and NATO. Russian officials express these demands as pre-conditions of the upcoming talks regarding the deepening crisis in Ukraine.

The wave of armed attempts to seize administrative buildings in the cities of Eastern Ukraine including Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk started one week ago, as separatists and Russian terrorists have seized the buildings of the regional offices and headquarters of the police and SBU (Intelligence offices), declaring independence from Ukraine and demanding to hold regional referendums in the regions in order to join Russian Federation.

Ukrainian authorities though reacted strangely soft and inactive on the separatist’s actions and seizure of the administrative buildings, declaring even the possibility of amnesty for these people. This inaction of the newly appointed Ukrainian government cost the country too much, as the situation became extremely tense with the seizure of the police offices and weapons’ stocks in several cities of Donetsk and Luhansk regions this weekend.

Kharkiv though is relatively calm, as Ukrainian authorities and security forces managed to restore control over the city. In addition to that, massive pro-Ukrainian rally for Ukrainian unity and sovereignty took place in Kharkiv, in Freedom Square, which is the biggest square in Europe. Tens of thousands of people have gathered here to protests separatist attempts and to support united Ukraine. Several other cities in Eastern and Southern Ukraine have experienced similar rallies. People have also formed a long human chain along several cities to support Ukrainian unity.

Armed terrorists and pro-Russian forces seizing the administrative
buildings in Donetsk
(Image: AP)
Though the situation is alarming in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where armed pro-Russian militants and Russian forces continue seizure of administrative buildings and headquarters of police. Russian forces took the police offices in Slovyansk and Chorvony Lyman (Donetsk region), located nearly 150 km from the border with Russia. There were attempts to seize the governmental buildings in several other cities as well, though they were stopped. In Chervony Lyman inhabitants of the city have faced the attackers and defended their city, forming a human chain and preventing the terrorists from seizing the buildings, as situation in Slovyansk is still extremely tense.

Media report about several armed pro-Russian militants, through there are several reports and evidences proving that the events in Donetsk region are coordinated in Russian General Headquarters of the Armed Forces, and the “militants” are Russian military groups, carrying out a special operation aimed to destabilize situation in Eastern and Southern Ukraine and to create a pretext for Putin to send Russian troops.

Ukrainian Admiral Igor Kabanenko, former Deputy Head of the General Headquarters of Ukrainian Armed Forces, had stated that Russia has already started its military invasion in Eastern Ukraine, as militants in Slovyansk are in fact Russian soldiers. This statement could be supported also by the recent reports of Ukrainian military observer and head of the group “Information Resistance” Dmytro Tymchuk, who reported that the events in Eastern Ukraine are planned in and coordinated from Russia. Numerous statements of journalists on the ground and eyewitnesses prove this version, as the attackers carried out Russian weapons. In addition to that Ukrainian SBU and police continue to arrest Russian citizens preparing clashes on the territory of Ukraine and working to destabilize the situation.

Oleksandr Turchinov, Ukrainian acting President
(Image: The Telegraph)
Russian military troops also remain along the border with Ukraine, despite the assurances of Russian officials that the troops are relocated, and that there were only military trainings. German government declared that it is deeply concerned over Russia’s actions and cannot confirm that Russia withdrew its troops. NATO has published later satellite photos showing massive military presence on the Russian-Ukrainian border. NATO says that Russia deployed about 40 000 military troops and technique along the border, and it is ready for an attack at any moment.
Thus, situation is extremely tense, and recent events in Donetsk region proved aggressive intentions of Russian authorities, declared Ukrainian officials demanding Russia to stop its policies of destabilizing the region. Ukrainian acting President Oleksandr Turchinov has held an extraordinary meeting of Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council late in the night of Saturday. The details of a new anti-terrorist operation to be launched in the region were discussed, and Ukrainian security forces are ready to respond on the threats of the terrorists and Russians destabilizing Ukraine. Ukrainian Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov has stated earlier that police and SBU will take all the measures in order to stop the separatists and terrorists in Ukraine. Local residents are also ready to defend their cities, as they are mobilizing against the invaders.

It’s worth mentioning as well, that ultra-right group Right Sector has issued a statement on Saturday calling for the total mobilization and declared its readiness to defend the unity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

Russian activists and supporters of separatists in Eastern Ukraine
(Image: Reuters)
Meanwhile Russia denies its involvement, claiming that there are no Russian troops on the ground, repeating actually its Crimean scenario. In addition to that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has blackmailed Ukraine and international community threatening to disrupt the upcoming talks between Ukraine, USA, EU and Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, to be held later this week in Geneva. Lavrov warned that Russia will cancel its participation in the talks if official Kyiv will use forces against the terrorists in Eastern Ukraine. Russian officials though call these people “supporters of federalization”.

International community is deeply concerned over the recent events in Eastern Ukraine and Russian aggression and demands Russia to de-escalate situation. It was mentioned earlier, that NATO officials stated the Alliance is ready for a full-scale military operation in Ukraine in case Russia will invade the mainland Ukraine. NATO also continues to declare that Crimean annexation was totally illegal and illegitimate.

US Vice President Joe Biden is also heading to Ukraine to meet with Ukrainian government over the tense and dangerous situation in Ukraine. The visit is planned for this week.

Meanwhile international community continues its pressure on Russia and its high officials and economy, widening the package of economic and political sanctions imposed against Russians. Thus, Montenegro, Island, Norway and Albania have joined the ranks of the countries imposing harsh sanctions against Russia.


Ukrainian SBU and Ministry of Interior has launched an anti-terrorist operation in Slovyansk (Donetsk region), which started in the morning of Sunday. The active phase of operation is currently over, the block posts of terrorists are taken. Representatives of Russian military and General HQ of Russian Armed Forces have been reportedly identified among the attackers who seied previously the police offices. 

In the other two restive cities, Kramatorsk and Chervony Lyman, the police headquartes and important administrative buildings are reportedly freed from the separatists. The operation though continues.

Meanwhile, massive rally is planned to be held in Kyiv Maidan (Independence Square) on Sunday, 13 April, to support unity and sovereignty of Ukraine and to demand actions and effecive measures from the current Ukrainian authorities.