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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Russian invasion in Ukraine is increasingly likely amid the continuous separatist and pro-Russian rallies in Eastern Ukraine

Russian military in Ukraine
(Image: Foreign Policy)
Crisis in Eastern Ukraine is deepening with several separatist and terrorist pro-Russian groups seizing the administrative buildings and regional offices in Luhansk, Donetsk and Kharkiv. Tense and worrying events started in these regions since this weekend, as several hundred pro-Russian activists and Russian citizens as well have gathered in the central squares of the aforementioned cities, occupied the regional offices, declared their own “independent” republics (Donetsk People’s Republic, Kharkiv People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic respectively) and declared their willingness to join Russia in a status of federal objects.

Meanwhile Ukrainian security forces, police and SBU have officially started launching an anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine, after the Parliament have voted for this law and was ready to declare state of emergency in the three restive cities.

Scuffles in Eastern Ukrainian cities during the pro-Russian
separatist rallies
(Image: Voice of America)
Terrorists and separatists demand referendums and federalization of Ukraine, while Russian authorities have stated officially that they are deeply concerned over the recent developments in Ukraine and “oppression” of Russian and Russian speaking people in the country, especially in the eastern and Southern regions, and declared Russia’s readiness to “defend” the people if the crisis will deepen, and the situation won’t deescalate.

In addition to that, official representative of Russian authorities, Senator of Russian National Security and Defense Council of Federal Council Victor Ozerov stated on Tuesday during the press-conference, that Vladimir Putin “theoretically” can use Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, as he has received this permission in February during the Crimea campaign, and Russian Parliament didn’t cancel this decree. Thus, Russian officials openly declare the possibility of the military invasion, claiming that they will be forced to protect the people.

Ukrainian government is taking all the possible measures in order to prevent the escalation of the situation and to block activities of pro-Russian and Russian terrorist and separatist groups operation in Ukraine and aimed to destabilize the situation in the country in order to disrupt the upcoming presidential elections to be held in May and to have the pretext for invasion.

Separatist and pro-Russian rally in Donetsk
(Image: Kyiv Post)
Russian troops still remain to be stationed along the border with Ukraine, ready for an attack at any moment, as Ukrainian government and security forces and intelligence have stated several times. These reports were also supported by the information of the foreign intelligence groups and NATO as well, warning of the higher possibility of Russian military operation to be launched in the mainland Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the danger of Russian military invasion in Ukraine is increasingly likely, according to the numerous reports of different Ukrainian intelligence groups and warnings of NATO as well.

Thus, Dmitry Tymchuk, head of Ukrainian group “Information Resistance”, who observes the situation in Ukraine, has declared that Russian invasion could start at the night of April 8-9. The group has received numerous reports from the trusted and credible sources confirming the recent statement of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the high possibility of Russian second stage of invasion in Ukraine.

It’s worth mentioning, that Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued recently an official statement accusing the neighboring Russian of intended destabilizing of the situation in The Eastern region of Ukraine and launching a terrorist operation aimed to create the ground for Russian military occupation of the mainland Ukraine as well. Recent events in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk have been prepared in and orchestrated by Moscow and Putin, as Ukrainian SBU and Ministry of Interior has arrested already several Russian agents involved in the mass riots and preparation of the massive provocations in Ukraine.

Pro-Russian separatist and terrorist protesters seizing
administrative buildings in Eastern Ukrainian cities
(Image: BBC)
US State Department and EU officials have also accused Russian authorities of the unprecedented abuses and violations of the international law and direct involvement in the internal affairs of a sovereign and independent state. US Secretary of State John Kerry has declared that Russia provokes massive clashes and disorder in the eastern Ukrainian regions through its special services and agents. John Kerry called on his counterpart in Russia Sergey Lavrov to stop the provocations, withdraw the troops from the border and to start the talks in order to resolve the crisis. USA and the world are ready to impose harsh sanctions and hold serious measures, in case of Russian further steps and military invasion.

Thus, Ukrainian special services and groups have received the disturbing information confirming the recent statements of the international representatives and Ukrainian officials as well, that the ongoing clashes are the part of the next step of Putin. The group of Dmitry Tymchuk has received worrying information, that the Russian and pro-Russian terrorist and separatists have been given  the orders from Kremlin to follow the plan of the General Headquarters of Russian Armed Forces and to organize the “corridor” through Ukrainian border for Russian military troops and technique at the night of April 8-9.

Ukrainian Parliament issuing a decree to lauch an
anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine
(Image: Kyiv Post)
Separatists have also received the orders to organize massive and serious provocations in Ukrainian cities, possibly with the serious casualties, what would be interpreted by the Russian officials as a “terror organized by the new Ukrainian officials and government” against the people in Eastern Ukraine. The separatists have been also instructed to use the weapons and guns in case of an attempt of Ukrainian security forces to storm the seized buildings of the regional offices.

The recent events and separatist clashes in Eastern Ukraine could be the preparatory step to the massive invasion, stated the report of the group.

Ukrainian authorities, SBU, Armed Forces and police are taking all the necessary measures in order to avoid the bloodshed and to block the groups of the separatisms and pro-Russian terrorists. State Border Armed Forces are also taking all the measures in order to seal off the borders and ensure the defense of the restive regions.

Russian military in Ukraine
(Image: The Guardian)
Meanwhile, US, EU and NATO have declared recently that the further military activities of Russian cannot be tolerated, and the international community will take all the necessary measures in order to stop Russian aggression and to isolate it politically, diplomatically and economically on the international area. NATO is also ready to deploy its military troops on the territory of Ukraine and to launch a full-scale military operation in case of Russian invasion. Though, if Putin will make such a step, it will be his “terrible mistake”, stated US John Kerry earlier. USA is ready to impose the new wider sanctions against Russian officials and the key sectors of the country’s economy. EU will respond with the serious measures as well. Thus, EU has already halted the building of the Southern Stream, which is a joint project with Russia for transporting Russian gas to the European countries.

The situation remains extremely tense, as tens of thousands of Russian troops and military technique remain located along the borders with Ukraine and are ready for an attack and separatist clashes and provocations continue in Eastern Ukrainian cities. Ukrainian military and security forces including the recently renewed National Guard are ready for the possible invasion of Russians as well.