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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Egypt: Three explosions hit Cairo University amid the continuous student’s protests across the country

Three explosions hit Cairo University
(Image: BBC)
Three bombs exploded on Wednesday, 2 April, on the ground of Cairo University, killing one police officer and injuring at least people. All the three bombs have been detonated remotely, according to the results of the initial investigation. The first two explosions occurred in the morning, killing an officer, injuring several policemen and causing some damages of the building, and the third blast happened at about 1 p.m., as the bomb exploded near the three on campus. The fourth bomb was found and deactivated later.

Brigadier General Tarek El-Megrawi, the Head of West Giza investigative police, was killed in an explosion. Egypt’s Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb referred to him as to the “martyr who died for the nation”, as he was delivering his speech during an emergency meeting held on Wednesday with the Cabinet of Ministers due to the incident.

Ibrahim Mehleb has strongly condemned this attack stressing that these cowardly attacks aimed to disrupt Egypt’s stability and security will not prevent the country to continue its fight against terrorism and its path towards the safe and prosperous Egypt. The emergency meeting held by Ibrahim Mehleb was attended by the ministers of Interior, Defense and Justice.

People run away after the blast hit Cairo University
(Image: Ahram Online)
Meanwhile, police has arrested at least 15 students, who were sent to the Giza police station for the questioning and further investigation.

The students of Cairo University were evacuated due to the explosions, and the area and buildings have been surrounded and cordoned by the police forces. Cairo University authorities though do not intend to postpone or delay the semester due to the bombs, and the study is expected to continue, according to Gaber Nassar, Head of Cairo University.

Egyptian universities became a venue for the massive protests since several months, as the clashes erupt often between the students, mostly supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and deposed President Mohamed Morsi, and police and security forces. Recent clashes between students and police happened in several universities across the country have left dozens of dead and many students arrested. Protesting students demand release of their detained colleagues and protests against the “coup”, as they refuse to recognize Morsi’s ouster and the following political developments in the country.