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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ukrainian opposition plans to form united pro-Ukrainian and pro-European team, as Vitaly Klichko calls for a single oppositional presidential candidate

Euromaidan: Ukrainian anti-government protests
(Image: Liga NET)
Ukrainian oppositional forces work currently on forming the team to fight for democratic changes in Ukraine and to participate in the upcoming 2015 presidential elections, according to the statement made on Tuesday, 7 January, by one of the oppositional leaders, Arseny Yatsenyuk, while he delivered his speech on Kyiv Euromaidan.

Some political experts criticized opposition for the pause it took and lack of strong decisions taken during the latest time, though some other specialists are sure this pause is important in order not to divide participants of Euromaidan, Ukrainian anti-governmental protests. Citizens of Ukraine and demonstrators have a chance now to form their proposals and ideas regarding the steps to change political situation in the country.

Arseny Yatsenyuk and Oleg Tyagnybok declared during Christmas address to the people on Euromaidan and all over Ukraine that forming the presidential team will take some time. They declared unity is the biggest power which is able to change everything in the country, thus people of Ukraine and political forces willing the change the system in the country should be also united. Mr. Yatsenyuk promised Ukrainians, that the list of the oppositional team should be soon announced.

Arseny Yatsenyuk, one pf the oppositional leaders
(Image: Lviv, Vysoky Zamok News)
“I would like to tell you something, all of you are waiting for. There will be unity among us, oppositional politicians”, said Mr. Yatsenyuk. – “We are going to offer you decision you are going to meet with applause, and it will happen in the nearest future. We will form united pro-Ukrainian, pro-European oppositional team. The team of Ukrainian victory. We need some time in order to make this team your team, and the people forming it should meet your expectations and demands. They should know their responsibility towards millions of Ukrainians. And we expect that this team will win the upcoming presidential elections”, claimed Arseny Yatsenyuk.

Meanwhile many political experts and activists as well criticize oppositional leaders for their current passivity and pause they’ve taken. Some of the experts think it happens because oppositional leaders are willing to remain in their current shape, they don’t want new faces to be included in the team, so this can be considered being kind of monopolization of initiative and Maidan itself. But other political experts, on the contrary, think that this pause, taken by the oppositional leaders, is logic and could prevent the possible divisions among Ukrainians and participants of Euromaidan protests. They claim some specific goals may provoke some conflicts and disagreements among the members of the revolutionary team, while unity and concentration on the key issues is needed now.

One of the oppositional leaders, Vitaly Klichko, has declared on Tuesday, that opposition should unite and support a single candidate for the upcoming presidential elections to be held in 2015. Mr. Klichko is sure, that there is no other way to beat Victor Yanukovich during the presidential elections, as only single candidate supported by all the oppositional parties already during the first round of the elections could win them.

Vitaly Klichko, oppositional leader
(Image: Lviv, Vysoky Zamok News)
Democratic forces should choose and support the single presidential candidate in order to prevent electoral fraud, as it is very possible that in case there will be several oppositional candidates running for the position of President in the first round, there will be hard to achieve the common goal, and it is possible that the technical candidate, who doesn’t have real support, will appear in the second round. Thus, supporting the single oppositional candidate for the presidential elections in 2015 is an important and necessary step, which should be made by the oppositional forces, as they should be responsible for the further development of Ukraine and changing political system in the country, according to Klichko.

It’s worth mentioning, that Arseny Yatsenyuk stated earlier, that opposition will probably support a single candidate for the presidential elections, but it will happen in the second round only. Explaining it, Mr. Yatsenyuk claimed that a single candidate in the first round risks serious oppressions and intimidations committed by the government. Vitaly Klichko has criticized this position on Tuesday calling for a single candidate and united and common political program.

“When we unite, we are the real power”, stated Vitaly Klichko. – “Only if we will unite in Maidan, in politics, we will be able to win!”. He also stressed the importance of the single candidate in the light of forming united democratic team to participate in the presidential elections and to fight for democratic changes in Ukraine. United team is impossible without single presidential candidate.