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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ukrainian civic activists and intellectuals call on Ukrainian opposition to unite and name a single leader of resistance movement

Euromaidan protests: Ukrainian massive anti-government rallies
(Image: Forbes Ukraine)
Amid the recent events in Ukrainian politics and tense atmosphere  among the people and strong calls for the new massive demonstrations on Sunday, 19 January, in Kyiv Independence Square, representatives of Ukrainian civic organizations and groups, intellectuals, writers, artists and scientists have issued an open letter addressed to the prominent oppositional leaders Arseny Yatsenyuk, Vitaly Klichko, Oleg Tyagnybok and independent Petro Poroshenko calling to unite and to chose the single candidate and leader for the further fight for the changes in the country and coordination of the actions and steps of opposition.

The letter states that the current “government” has actually usurped the power in the country and all the key institutions and has blocked all the legal ways of resolving the current political crisis, putting protesters and activists beyond the law and restricting the basic rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens guaranteed by Constitution.

All the recent steps and deeds of “government” and Ukrainian “president” Yanukovich clearly demonstrate that the ways of the lawful and democratic resolving of the crisis and possibility of negotiations are also blocked.

The statement says, that Ukrainian Maidan tries to resist and withstand political technologies and manipulations of the authorities, and this power of Ukrainian citizens is enough organized in order to resist “chaos and anarchy”, but it is at the same time very sensitive, as it doesn’t have a single leader and a clear vision of the future program. Maidan as all-Ukrainian resistant movement needs educated and experienced political leadership and unity among the oppositional figures.

“It is a real crime for the oppositional leaders to continue their personal unofficial presidential campaigns and working for the ratings for 2015 elections under the current circumstances”, said the statement. – “By the God’s will all of you are considered being political leaders, and every one of you supports and is supported by specific segments of society and protesters in Ukraine. Wisdom and professionalism of Ukrainian political elite will be demonstrated by its ability to unite these segments into one unified strategically mobilized protest “army””. Activists, artists and intellectuals also state that this “army” can have the “units”, but it should have a single leader. And it should be not a single candidate for president, but a single leader of protests and resistant movement fighting dictatorship in Ukraine.

“Today is a moment of truth”, said the statement. – “Either you are able to unite and chose the single leader among yourselves and consolidate all the powers, or you should leave the stage”.
It’s worth mentioning that Ukrainian activists, experts and intellectuals have been calling for the single leader chosen by the oppositional forces during long time.

Meanwhile, opposition calls for the eighth People’s Council to be held in Independence Square on Sunday, 19 January, in order to express people’s protest against the recent laws and usurping of power by “president” Yanukovich and his “government”. Many organizations and unions have been also calling for their member to join the protests.