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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ukraine: USA is ready to impose sanctions on Ukrainian authorities while EU calls for harsh decisions

Ukrainian Euromaidan celebrating New Year
(Image: Kyiv Post)
Ukrainian Euromaidan, massive anti-government protests, continue for more than month in Kyiv and nationwide, as Western countries including USA and EU are discussing possible sanctions against some Ukrainian high officials.

Thus, USA President Barack Obama and his Administration received on Friday the list of the names of Ukrainian officials who could face possible personal sanctions of USA government. This list was given to the Presidential Administration during the meeting of President with the representatives of Ukrainian Diaspora in Washington.

The meeting was held to discuss the possible steps and actions of American government in order to support democratic process in Ukraine.

Representatives of Ukrainian Diaspora called on Mr. Obama and his Administration to impose personal sanctions on several officials, including on the Secretary of National Defense Council Andrey Klyuev and Minister of Interior Vitaly Zakharchenko. Among the names in the list are many high officials allegedly responsible for the recent violent dispersals of the peaceful protests in Kyiv and following repressions against the activists all over Ukraine.

According to the Presidential decree personal sanctions are being imposed on the listed officials and all the members of their families including children.

Gianni Pittella, Vice-Presidnet of European Parliament
(Image: Presse Europe)
Meanwhile Vice-President of European Parliament Gianni Pittella called for EU to take serious actions in order to stop anti-democratic actions of current Ukrainian government and regime of Victor Yanukovich. Mr. Pittella made this statement during press-conference with Eugenia Tymoshenko, daughter of Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister and prominent oppositional leader, currently imprisoned.

Mr. Pittella announced that he will call for European political institutions to take measures and more active actions in order to stop anti-democratic actions of Ukrainian Yanukovich’s regime. He stated also that EU is considering the possibility of imposing personal sanctions and anti-corruption investigations.

Vice-President of European Parliament stated that he isn’t responsible for imposing sanctions, but he claimed that sanctions could be possibly imposed and their forms could be different, such as freezing of financial bonds and blocking access to the bank accounts in European banks or even restrictions of movement on the territory of European Union.

Mr. Pittella also stated that one of the most terrible issues of violations of human rights’ and democratic freedoms and values in Ukraine is current imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko. He also marked recent attempts to arrest and start criminal case against Sergy Vlasenko, head of Mrs. Tymoshenko’s defense team, brutal beating of the prominent journalist and activist Tatyana Chornovol, recent repressions against the activists of Euromaidan and attempts to violently disperse peaceful protesters.

Gianni Pittella met earlier with the leaders of Ukrainian oppositional forces as well.