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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ukraine: Negotiations with Yanukovich didn’t have results; Maidan formed National Council instead of Parliament

Riot police Berkut beating and dragging protesters
(Image: Radio Svoboda)
As violent clashes continue in Ukrainian capital and security forces attacking and trying to disperse protesters, Yanukovich has agreed to meet with oppositional leaders for the talks in order to findb the solution of the deepening crisis.

Arseny Yatsenyuk, Vitaly Klichko and Oleg Tyagnybok, oppositional leaders, have arrived to the Presidential Administration where they met Yanukovich and his team (Andriy Klyuev, Olena Lukash and Andriy Portnov). Negotiations lasted for more than three hours, as deadly clashes didn’t stop in Grushevsky Street in Kyiv downtown, close to Independence Square.

Though the talks didn’t give any results, stated oppositional leaders during their briefing held after these negotiations. Yanukovich refuses to hear Ukrainian people and refuses any compromises, according to the oppositional politicians. He ignored demand of his stepping down and just stated that Cabinet of Ministers could be possibly dissolved, but this option should be discussed during the special sessions in Parliament and decision could be taken only after consulting. The same about the scandalous dictatorial laws: Yanukovich said that they possibly could be amended, but it also requires special procedures. He offered to continue the talks with the oppositional leaders on Thursday, 23 January.

Thus, negotiations are in deadlock again, and Yanukovich seems to play for time. National Alliance Euromaidan, opposition and activists have gathered for the urgent meeting after the talks with Yanukovich in order to discuss the current situation and to find the way out. As a result of this meeting opposition and activists of Euromaidan have formed National Council of Ukraine and declared it an official legal institution instead of Parliament of Ukraine to exercise legislative power during the transitional period. The Declaration about forming of the National Council of Ukraine was also issued during the meeting.

Violent clashes in Kyiv
(Image: BBC)
The Council consists of oppositional MPs and individual politicians representing different political forces opposing the current Yanukovich’s regime. According to the Declaration, the Council will be responsible for the legislative branch of power in the country during the transitional period and will work on the forming of the Constitutional Committee tasked to prepare the project of the new Constitution aimed to restore law and justice and balance between the branches of power and state’s institutions in Ukraine.

Local Councils will be formed in the governorates of Ukraine and in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Among the tasks of the National Council is also creating of the new police units and forming of transitional interim government.

Creation of the National Council was supported by the voting and signatures of Ukrainian citizens, thus the Council was declared to be a legal stated institution instead of the Parliament.
Recently formed National Council will work on the preparation and holding of the National referendum on the issue of non-confidence to Yanukovich and his impeachment in a Constitutional way, non-confidence to the “government” and Parliament and purge of the political system of the country in order to disable building of dictatorial and totalitarian system and usurping the power in Ukraine, like it happens now.

Clashes in Kyiv downtown
(Image: Wikipedia)
In addition to that Arseny Yatsenyuk has stated today that he expressed ultimatum to Yanukovich and gave him 24 hours to resolve this terrible crisis. There are two possible ways under the current circumstances, stated Mr. Yatsenyuk, either to take a political decision and act in the frameworks of the Constitutional norms, stop the bloodshed and save the lives of Ukrainians, or to continue escalation and fight threatening to spread nationwide.

Meanwhile the clashes are ongoing between Berkut and protesters, protesters have erected bigger barricades and prepare for the massive dispersal attempt.

Medics of Euromaidan have reported about 5 deaths, as more than 300 people are injured; most of them have the injuries caused by using of live ammunition, stated doctors. Berkut and riot police are targeting also journalists and medics working on the field.

Situation is escalating, the atmosphere remains extremely tense, but the spirits are high and people don’t have fear and are ready to fight for their rights, freedom and dignity.