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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ukraine: draft law about early presidential elections was registered in Parliament. Euromaidan is considering new tactics

Ukrainian massive anti-government and pro-EU protests
(Image: Lenta UA)
MP of Ukrainian Parliament Oleksander Brygynets, representative of the oppositional Batkivshchyna (Homeland) Party, has submitted to the Parliament draft law about early presidential elections. This draft was registered by Ukrainian Parliament and should be discussed by the MPs.

According to the text of the draft presidential elections should be held not later than 30 March 2014, according to the Constitution, and not in 2015, as it was decided due to the amendments to Constitution made by Yanukovich.

Meanwhile massive anti-government protests in Kyiv and in other cities of Ukraine continue with the Council of National Association Euromaidan holding meeting on Wednesday, 8 January, in order to discuss and define the further strategy and steps to be done. Activist of Euromaidan and prominent Ukrainian singer Ruslana has stated after the meeting that the community of Ukrainian citizens will define the main principles and demands of the upcoming fight for the change of political system in the country and implementing democratic values and principles in Ukraine. Ruslana also added that the numbers of students and simple citizens of Ukraine, who aren’t affiliated to specific political groups and parties, are currently considerably high comparing to the representatives of the political forces.

Ruslana, prominent Ukrainian singer and activist
of Euromaidan
(Image: Euroradio)
Ruslana declared that National Alliance Maidan will announce its program and the list of leaders soon with the propositions of the next steps. Euromaidan Council is also discussing plans of the further actions and rallies, thus, January seems to be very active and full of unexpected actions.

In addition to that National Alliance Maidan has accepted two prominent civic groups in its lines: People’s Movement of Ukraine and Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists. Both these organizations have proved to be active members of the recent massive rallies and demonstrated high level of organization, thus the decision to include these groups in the Alliance was taken unanimously.

As for the tactic and strategy of the oppositional leaders, Arseny Yatsenyuk has stated earlier that opposition is about to form the strong pro-Ukrainian and pro-European team to fight for democracy and political changes in Ukraine and to participate in the upcoming presidential elections.

Vitaly Klichko in his turn called for supporting a single presidential candidate representing opposition as it is the only one way to defeat Yanukovich and his regime during the elections and also the chance for the oppositional forces to show their unity and solidarity for the sake of the country and its future.

Mr. Klichko’s idea was supported by many politicians, activists and experts as only unity could be a victorious strategy of Maidan.

Yury Lutsenko, oppositional leader and ex-Minister
of Interior
(Image: Wikipedia)
Another oppositional leader Yury Lutsenko in his turn has also supported the idea of the single presidential candidate and added that he sees no purpose for Maidan to stand till the 2015 elections. He called for the more active moves, such as massive nationwide strikes and blockade of the government and authorities, so Yanukovich’s regime will be forced to make some steps.

Thus massive protests continue in Ukraine for more than one and half month. The key demands of the protesters are release of all the unlawfully detained and release of political prisoners, halting political repressions in the country, holding accountable those responsible for the violent dispersal of the peaceful protests and the following clashes and attacks of the activists, resignation of Minister of Interior, resignation of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his Cabinet of Ministers, stepping down of Victor Yanukovich and early presidential and parliamentary elections. People demand the total change of the whole political system in Ukraine, what includes returning of 2004 Constitution, new reforms including the new elections laws and reforming of all the key state’s institutions and lustration of Ukrainian authorities on all the levels.