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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Egypt: Students’ protests are ongoing in Cairo amid the week of final exams

Clashes during students' protests in Cairo University
(Image: Ahram Online)
Pro-Muslim Brotherhood students in several universities of Cairo and in other cities as well, including Assiut, continue their protests started at the beginning of the week of final exams.

Egypt’s Alliance for Support of Legitimacy supporting deposed President Mohamed Morsy, who currently stands trials for several charges including inciting violence and international espionage, issued an official statement recently supporting the student’s protests and encouraging them to continue their fight for the “goals of January 25th Revolution”. The Alliance has declared earlier about the series of nationwide protests planned all over Egypt to be held at the factories, universities etc. and marked as “Week of Rage”.

The Alliance has also announced that the Revolution of January 25th is still ongoing and that the Alliance is very proud of Egyptian students continuing this fight.

Security forces in their turn have surrounded the buildings of Al-Azhar University, Cairo University, Ain-Shams University in Cairo and several other universities in other Egyptian cities as well with the security personnel controlling the situation on campuses and aimed to prevent students from protesting and disrupting the exams.

The students’ protests though continued during the week and marked also the beginning of 2014 with several hundred pro-Muslim Brotherhood and pro-Morsy students attempting to block the road leading to the Ministry of Defense from Cairo Ain-Shams University on Wednesday.

Clashes during students' protests on 1 January
(Image: Voice of America News)
Security forces have used tear gas to disperse the protests in front of the Ministry’s gates. Protesters have been chanting against military and the current military backed government and called for boycotting the upcoming National referendum for the amended Constitution scheduled for 14-15 January.

Students of Cairo University supporting Muslim Brotherhood have also protested on Wednesday chanting against current government and Armed Forces. They’ve protested in front of the Supreme Council of Universities located on campus of Cairo University and have allegedly attempted to storm it. Security Forces and police used water cannons to disperse the crowds, but students’ protesters have clashed later with the police outside the gates.

Later on Wednesday students have marched to the building of Giza Security Directorate continuing their protests.

Protesting students have been also commemorating their colleagues slain during the earlier protests in Al-Azhar and Cairo Universities and protested against the arrests of dozens of students by security forces demanded them to be released.

Ministry of Health reported that at least three students have been injured as a result of the clashes erupted during Wednesday’s protests.

Students’ protests are ongoing in Egypt since the beginning of the new academic year with clashes erupting between protesting students and security forces. Administration of many universities has also allowed the presence of security forces on the campuses, what was met with negatively by many students. Many students were left injured after these clashes, a number of students were killed and dozens arrested, while the protests continue.