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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Egypt: Clashes erupted during Friday Islamist rallies nationwide

Clashes erupted during Islamist rallies in Egypt
(Image: AP)
Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood’s and Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi have participated in the nationwide protests called by Alliance for Support of Legitimacy.

Pro-Morsi and pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators have started their traditional rallies on Friday after noon prayers continuing their protests against Mohamed Morsi’s ouster and demanding his reinstatement as the state’s President, protesting against the military backed interim government and the political roadmap introduced by the Armed Forces. Islamist demonstrators have added to their traditional demands also protests against the upcoming National Referendum over the recently amended Constitution. They reject the interim government and all the decisions taken after Morsi’s ouster and reject also the amended Constitution as well calling for boycotting the polls.

Protests have been held in several Egyptian cities including Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Menoufia and others.

Protests have turned violent as pro-Morsi demonstrators have clashed with their opponents among the local residents and with security forces as well.

Protesters have allegedly started to throw rocks and stones, set fire on the tires and set ablaze several police vehicles, threw Molotov cocktails and shot. Eyewitnesses reported some of the protesters had weapons.

Thus clashes erupted between Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters in the coastal city of Alexandria causing one death as one of the vendors was killed by the gunshot.

Clashes in Egypt during Islamist rallies
(Image: Yahoo)
Suez has also witnessed violent clashes erupted between Morsi and Islamist supporters and security forces. Riot police has fired tear gas and fired birdshots at the protesters and tried to chase them in the side streets in order to disperse the crowds. Three people have been declared dead in Suez after these clashes. Egypt’s Ministry of Interior claims policemen used only teargas, though the eyewitnesses said security forces have been using live ammunition against the protesters as well.

Clashes erupted also in several districts of Cairo as pro-Morsi demonstrators have confronted local residents and police interfered.

Four people have been declared dead by Egypt’s Ministry of Health as a result of the Friday clashes, dozens are wounded. Medical sources also confirmed a lot of injuries have been caused by birdshots and gunshots.

Police arrested at least 70 people. Most of them are members or supporters of Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt’s interim government has officially declared Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization recently and totally banned all its activities. Punishments have been imposed for the participation in the group’s activities and protests, but the Islamist rallies continue nationwide. 

Official banning of Muslim Brotherhood followed massive security crackdown of Egypt’s military on Muslim Brotherhood and its supports since Mohamed Morsi was ousted on 3rd July 2013.