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Monday, December 23, 2013

Ukrainian Prime Minister will participate in the meeting of Customs Union Council in Moscow

Mykola Azarov, Ukrainian current Prime Minister
(Image: TSN)
Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov will participate in the official meeting of Customs Union Council to be held in Moscow on 24 December, according to the statement of Cabinet of Ministers press service. It’s worth mentioning that earlier it was announced that President Victor Yanukovich will represent Ukraine on this meeting.

According to the official program of visit of Mr. Azarov to Moscow, published on the web site of Ukrainian government, Ukrainian Prime Minister will arrive in Moscow at 2 p.m. Moscow time. He will participate in the meeting of the representatives of the Highest Eurasian economic Council which is being held on the level of the states’ heads. The meeting is expected to be held in Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

After the meeting heads of the Council and its representatives will make an official statement for mass media and journalists during the planned press conference.

During the meeting of the Council heads of the countries-members of the Customs Union (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan) are planning to discuss the issues of cooperation and the possibilities and format of integration cooperation of the countries, which are the members of Customs Union and of the Joint Economic Space. Ukraine has currently status of country-observer in Customs Union. Among the key issues to be discussed during the meeting in Moscow is also a task of formation of Eurasian economic Union and the plan of its development till 1 January 2015.

Continuing massive anti-government rallies in Kyiv
(Image: Global Voices)
The sides participating in the meeting are also planning to sign several agreements and documents in the sphere of regulation of custom’s policies, economic cooperation, integration, regulation of nature monopolies and rules of concurrence as well, abased on the conclusions and decisions made as a result of the Council’s meeting.

In addition to that Mr. Azarov is also planning to meet with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

We would remind that Ukrainian current President Victor Yanukovich has met recently Russian President Vladimir Putin and signed several agreements with the Russian side, what was strongly condemned and criticized by Ukrainian opposition and citizens continuing massive protests against Yanukovich, his government and policies in Kyiv and nationwide. Yanukovich has received significant discount for Russian natural gas and $ 15 billion credit.

Meanwhile the protests are ongoing, and opposition along with Euromaidan activists and citizens protesting against the current government have formed National Alliance “Maidan” during the fifth consecutive rally held on Sunday, 22 December. National Alliance includes political leaders and figures, intellectuals, artists, members of different civil organizations and citizens of Ukraine and is aimed to work for the main goal of the Euromaidan Revolution: total changing of government and political system in Ukraine. National Alliance “Maidan” has held its first official session on Monday, 23 December, one day ahead of the planned visit of Mykola Azarov to Moscow.