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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ukrainian Parliament failed to vote for government’s resignation amid the continuous massive protests all over Ukraine

Massive anti-government rallies in Kyiv
(Image: INews)
Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered since the morning on Tuesday in front of the building of Ukrainian Parliament as the Parliament was expected to discuss the non-confidence motion to the government and its resignation initiated recently by the oppositional forces.

People have filled all the area in front of the Parliament, though the situation is tense with the alternative meeting of Yanukovich’s and government’s supporters gathered in front of the Parliament as well. There were reportedly nearly 150 people among the supporters of the current authorities; they were cordoned by the police forces in order to avoid their mixing with the anti-governmental protests. Additional security forces have been deployed on the scene with the entrances to the building blocked and lines of riot police and special forces “Berkut” and standing in front of the protesters.

The building of Cabinet of Ministers located near Parliament is also blocked by the protesters demanding resignation of the current government and stepping down of President.

Thousands of protesters and strong lines of riot police in front
of Ukrainian Parliament
(Image: Reuters)
We would remind here that the leaders of Ukrainian oppositional forces Arseny Yatesnyuk, Vitaly Klichko and Oleg Tyagnybok have submitted to the Parliament the project of the non-confidence motion to the Parliament and the draft law regarding resignation of Cabinet of Ministers. This project was registered by Parliament’s speaker Mr. Rybak. In addition to that special parliamentarian committee has recommended the Parliament to vote for this project one day before.

The session of Ukrainian Parliament has started on Tuesday with thousands of people gathered in front of the Parliament’s building demanding the change of the regime and resignation of both President and government.

Despite the official procedure and the rules imposed by law Cabinet of Ministers and Prime Ministers weren’t present in the Parliament’s session hall. This move embarrassed opposition and the MPs as the government has received official invitation from Parliament’s speaker.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov in Parliament during the
emergency session
(Image: Ukrainian Foto)
The additional project was submitted to the speaker aiming to bring the ministers and Prime Minister Mykola Azarov to Parliament. After speaker Mr. Rybak has out the demand to the Cabinet of Ministers to arrive in the session’s hall 338 MPs voted in favor of this decision. Parliament demanded the presence of Mykola Azarov and Cabinet of Ministers in Parliament.
After short pause Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and Cabinet of Ministers appeared in the session hall of Parliament and the meeting resumed.

However, the voting for the resignation of Cabinet of Ministers has failed as only 186 MPs from the needed 226 have voted in favor of it. Among those supported the decision were the oppositional parties (Vitaly Klichko’s UDAR, Arseny Yatsenyuk’s Batkivshchyna (Homeland) and Oleg Tyagnybok’s Svoboda (Freedom)) and several independent MPs. One member of the ruling Party of Regions has also voted in favor of this decision. 

Protesters in front of Parliament
(Image: Алексей Нарышкин)
Communist Party refused to vote. Party of Regions has also declared its members won’t support the demand of the government’s resignation as they are sure government must work under the current circumstances and its dismissal will destabilize the situation in Ukraine more. Despite the recent statements made by several ex-members of Party of Regions including Inna Bogoslvska and David Zhvania, who were especially active in condemning the current regime and stating their readiness to vote for the Cabinet’s resignation, they didn’t vote during today’s session.

Thus the procedure of non-confidence motion to the government and its resignation initiated by the opposition has failed. Oppositional forces are currently discussing the roadmap of their further actions and ways to resolve the situation.

Snapshot of the Parliament's official channel showing the session
of Parliament. The results of voting for the resagnationof
Cabinet of Ministers
(Image: Євромайдан)
Prime Minister Mykola Azarov made a statement during the Parliament’s session expressing his apologies regarding the recent violent dispersal of the peaceful sit-in on Independence Square on Saturday and terrible clashes and beating by “Berkut” near Presidential Administration on Sunday. He claimed neither he nor President knew about it and they didn’t give the orders for it. Ukrainian Prime Minister blamed security forces and riot police for the recent clashes stating these decisions were taken by their officers.

In addition to that he promised the restructuring and staff changes in the Cabinet of Ministers and stated that the talks with EU regarding the cooperation and association will resume with the discussing of the economic package and financial aid to Ukraine. Government also plans to resume the talks with IMF (International Monetary Fund).

President Victor Yanukovich didn’t make any official statements since his Sunday’s interview to several journalists. Though it was reported by his spokesperson that he is expected to visit China and Russia and these visits cannot be cancelled due to the hard economical situation in the country. According to the recent reports of media Victor Yanukovich flew to China today and isn’t presented in Ukraine.

Ukrainian oppositional leaders Oleg Tyagnybok, Arseny
Yatsenyuk and Vitaly Klichko
Meanwhile opposition is calling for the anti-government protesters to march to the Presidential Administration and no continue the nationwide strikes and massive demonstrations. Massive column of protesters moved towards Bankova Street where President’s office is located. According to the statements of oppositional leaders, protesters will demand early presidential and parliamentary elections.

It’s worth mentioning that European politicians have expressed their concerns over the recent situation in Ukraine and urged the government to stop using the excessive force against the peaceful protesters and to listen to the demands of the people and to allow them to express their point of view. European Parliament has started today’s session with Ukrainian symbolic demonstrating their solidarity with Ukrainian revolution.