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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ukrainian government is ready to negotiate with opposition early presidential and parliamentary elections: Vice-Prime Minister

Sergiy Arbuzov, Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine
(Image: Invest Gazeta)
Ukrainian Vice-Prime Minister Sergiy Arbuzov stated in his Wednesday’s interview to 5 Channel, that he admits that early parliamentary and presidential elections could help to solve the current situation and exit crisis.

Answering the question of the journalist regarding the possible ways of resolving the deepening crisis in Ukraine Mr. Arbuzov said that he assumes that this solution could be found through the negotiations with the oppositional forces where government is ready to discuss even the possibility of early parliamentary and presidential elections.

Mr. Arbuzov declared that if the official offer regarding the early presidential and parliamentary elections will be made by the opposition, current government will negotiate and discuss it. On the question does President of Ukraine know about these developments and possible negotiations over the early elections as a way out of crisis, Vice-Prime Minister answered that the President is informed about it as all mass media are covering Ukrainian events and discussing the situation in the country.

Meanwhile massive anti-government protests are ongoing in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities as well. Protesters demand resignation of the current government and stepping down of the President. They remain in the streets and squares despite cold weather and the numbers if the demonstrators are increasing.