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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ukrainian government claims its readiness for dialogue, while opposition sees no dialogue until demands of protesters are met

Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov
(Image: Governmental official portal)
Ukrainian government declared on Wednesday that it is ready to hold negotiations with the representatives of the oppositional forces in order to find the way out of the current crisis, according to the statement of Sergiy Arbuzon, Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mr. Arbuzov stated that government is ready to negotiate even the possibility of early parliamentary and presidential elections if these offers will be made officially.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov addressed Western politicians and European ministers gathered on Thursday in Kyiv for the meeting of OSCE and declared in his speech that government is ready for the talks with the oppositional forces and demonstrators as the deepening crisis in the country should be resolved.

“We perceive these protests, we are ready for the dialogue, for the peaceful dialogue”, stated Mr. Azarov. – “But we tell clearly our opponents: there are procedures of democratic elections… Let us ask the people’s opinion during the elections. Everything will be like the people will decide”.

In addition to that Ukrainian Prime Minister claimed that there are some “extremist powers” on the side of protesters and opposition, who call for taking and blocking of the administrative buildings what disturbs normal work of all those governmental institutions.

One of the oppositional leaders, Arseny Yatsenyuk, with Eugenia
Tymoshenko, daugther of Yulia Tymoshenko
(Image: The Big Story)
Mykola Azarov also complained to the ministers presented on the OSCE meeting that these events and demonstrations along with the blocking the work of the governmental institutions prevent implementation of the laws and reforms necessary for the process of European integration and for the preparation for the signing of the Association Agreement in the nearest future.

Regarding use of excessive force during dispersing of the sit-ins on Independence Square on Saturday and during the clashes at the President’s Administration on Sunday Prime Minister said that he and his government condemn it and call for avoiding using force, but “every day we should find the solutions and take decisions in this extremely hard situation”, added head of Ukrainian government.

Mr. Azarov has called again for the organizing of the trilateral negotiations between Ukraine, EU and Russia regarding the issue of European integration. It’s worth mentioning that European politicians have been continuously rejecting this idea as it is unacceptable.

Ukrainian oppositional forces in their turn declared they will not hold any negotiations with the current government until the demands of tens of thousands protesters in Kyiv and all over Ukraine will be met.

Massive anti-government and pro-European protests in Kyiv
(Image: Kyiv Post)
One of the oppositional leaders, Arseny Yatsenyuk, has stated during the special press-conference on Thursday, 5 December, that the dialogue with the authorities is impossible without resignations and arrests of those responsible for the violent beating and detention and court trials of the peaceful demonstrators.

Mr. Yatsenyuk also stressed that the current political crisis in the country isn’t parliamentary. “This is all-Ukrainian political and economic crisis, that’s why it’s impossible to resolve it through the parliamentary methods. The decisions aren’t taken here, in Parliament”, stated oppositional leader.

Mr. Yatsenyuk reminded that there were already the attempts to resolve some issues in Parliament, including the issues of release of Yulia Tymoshenko, signing of the Association Agreement with EU and even recent vote for non-confidence motion to Ukrainian government and its resignation. “Nobody of the members of Party of Regions decides anything in Parliament”, said Mr. Yatsenyuk.

Massive anti-government protests in Kyiv on Sunday,
1 December
(Image: Open Democracy)
He also stressed that the talks on the level of the heads of fractions are also impossible, as there are no people in Party of Regions there who takes decisions. As for the negotiations with the current government regarding the current crisis and protests in Ukraine, this dialogue is impossible till the moment, when the current government will resign, those responsible for the beating of peaceful protesters, namely members and commanders of “Berkut” (Ukrainian special forces) will be arrested, and each activist and participant of the peaceful demonstrations currently detained and held in custody will be released.

Among the key demands of protesters are also early parliamentary and presidential elections.

Meanwhile massive protests are ongoing in Ukrainian capital and in other Ukrainian cities as well. People remain in the streets despite the weather and the continuous threats and dangers of the possible force scenario and dispersal of the demonstrators. Numerous reports about additional military forces with heavy weapons and tanks being deployed to Kyiv and possibility of the new provocations in order to escalate the situation and justify force scenario are circulating in media and internet. Atmosphere among the protesters is very positive and friendly though the situation remains extremely tense.

As for Ukrainian President, he still remains in China with official visit despite huge anti-government protests in the country.