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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ukraine: Opposition calls for massive rallies on Sunday with the auto-rally to the residences of high officials

Massive anti-government protests in Ukraine
(Image: Wikipedia)
Ukrainian oppositional leaders Arseny Yatsenyuk, Oleh Tyagnybok and Vitaly Klichko are calling for the fresh consecutive million-man march to be held on Sunday, 29 December, in Kyiv’s Independence Square and in other Ukrainian cities as well.

Traditional Sunday’s rally of Ukrainian in Independence Square will be held this time under the motto “Solidarity against terror” and will express the key demands of Ukrainian anti-government protesters and show solidarity with the victims of recent attacks.

“We are calling to all, who cares for the futures of our country, to leave all their businesses and to go to Maidan (Independence Square) on Sunday, at 12 p.m.”, said the official statement. – “ Nation of the free country cannot tolerate brutal behavior of the current criminal gang in power, which catches the activists of Euromaidan all over the country and attack them trying to intimidate us. Terrible case of Tatyana Chornovol doesn’t leave any doubts: this government should be immediately stopped. Ukrainians, we are calling for you to come all together on Sunday to the Independence Square in order to show our solidarity in the fight against terror!” declares the statement.

In addition to that automobile-rally is also planned to be held on Sunday, according to the official statement of the opposition and the Council of the National Alliance Maidan. Huge column of cars consisted of more than 10 vehicles moved on Saturday to the residence of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Mr. Pshonka. The cordons of police and tracks of the road police blocking the road didn’t stop the activists. They’ve reached the residence and picketed it during several hours. Activists expressed the main demands of Euromaidan there and left posters of beaten journalist Tatyana Chornovol and many other activists who became the victims of the recent repressions.

The so called “Automaidan” will visit on Sunday the residence of Ukrainian current President Victor Yanukovich, located outside of Kyiv, in Mezhygirya, and then protesters will visit the residences of Prime Minister Mr. Azarov and speaker of Parliament Mr. Rybak.

“Tomorrow we plan so called political tour”, said oppositional leader Arseny Yatsenyuk. – “First we will visit residence of President Yanukovich. Then we will go to the residence of Prime Minister, and then to the one of Speaker”.

According to the statement of Mr. Yarsenyuk, protesters will try to deliver to the representatives of the government of Ukraine three key demands of Euromaidan: release of all unlawfully detained activists, punishment for the criminals and those responsible for the recent violence and resignation of the government.

“If they refuse to hear us, we will come to them to deliver these demands, and we will write down all of these demands on the roads around their residences, so they will be able to see them every day, when they leave their homes,” said Mr. Yatsenyuk.

After the rally protesters will come back to Independence Square and reports about the results.