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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ukraine: Euromaidan declares its manifest with demands amid massive anti-government’s protests

Massive anti-government rallies continue in Ukraine
(Image: AP)
Ukrainian citizens continue massive anti-government protests demanding resignation of the current government and steeping down of Victor Yanukovich as President and fighting for the total change of the political system in Ukraine.

Ukrainian opposition has called for the fresh million-man march, the so called People’s Council, to be held on Sunday, 29 December, in Kyiv Independence Square. Hundreds of thousands of protesters have gathered at 12 p.m. in Independence Square for the march under the motto “Solidarity against terror”. Protesters have voiced their main demands and messages to the current authorities and approved the new manifest issued by the Council of the recently formed National Alliance “Maidan” united political powers and groups and civic activists and intellectuals.

The document was declared from the Euromaidan stage by the oppositional politician Oleksander Turchinov.

The document stated the goals and demands for the short- , medium- and long0term perspective.

Declaring of the Manifest in Independence Square
(Image: Liga NET)
Among the short-term perspective goals and demands of Euromaidan are the following: release and rehabilitation of all unlawfully detained activists and protesters since the beginning of the anti-government actions in Ukraine; stop the terror and repressions against the participants and activists of Euromaidan in different cities of Ukraine; release of all political prisoners; resignations and punishment of all high ranking officials responsible for the recent violent clashes and dispersals of the peaceful protesters and beatings and attacks against the journalists and activists as well.

Protesters demand also resignation and holding accountable Ukrainian current Minister of Interior Zakharchenko, liquidation of the special troops of “Berkut” (special security forces) and immediate withdrawal of the soldiers, conscripts and security forces troops from the streets of Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities as well.

Barricades in Kyiv downtown, on the site of protests
(Image: Liga NET)
Another important goal and one of the key demands of Euromaidan for the short-time perspective is resignation of Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his government. In addition to that the new majority should be formed in the Parliament in order to start real, fair and transparent negotiations between the representatives of the current government, opposition and civic society. The Council of Maidan has formed special delegation for this purpose. Euromaidan’s delegation will have the mandate of the people to represent them and their will during these talks and to exress the demands of the citizens.

In addition to that Euromaidan’s Council is declaring the forming of the special representative commission to participate in creation of the new Ukrainian Constitution. For the approval of the new Constitution it is necessary to come back to the 2004 Constitution. This way is considered being the only one legitimate way to resolve the current political crisis in Ukraine, stated the Manifest. This way means also holding early parliamentary and presidential elections in the country as well.

As for the goals and demands of the medium-term perspective, the Council of Euromaidan declares necessity of creation of special commission tasked with the process of preparation to the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU, the task, which was failed by Yanukovich and his government despite the good conditions offered by EU countries and broad support. Association Agreement with EU should be signed in the medium-term perspective, according to the plans of National Alliance “Maidan”. Among the important task for this perspective is also preventing of signing any agreement with Russia regarding Ukrainian possible membership in the Russian backed Customs Union or Eurasian Union. Another task is work for visa-free regime with European countries in the mid-term perspective.

Automaidan: column of cars moving to Yanukovich's and other
high officials' residences
(Image: Official Facebook page of Batkivshchyna Party)
Activists of Euromaidan are planning also to urge Western countries to impose personal sanctions of those responsible for the violent events and dispersal of protests and investigations of the sources of financial assets of Ukrainian high officials and freezing of them as well.

In the long-term perspective Euromaidan is planning to achieve results in building free and democratic country in Ukraine with the social oriented economy, implementing of the new Constitution, decentralization of the power in the country, total change of Cabinet of Ministers and its structure , fundamental reforms of the judicial and police systems and reforming of education as well.

In addition to that activists and participants of the ongoing protests actions in Ukraine declared they will continue their protests despite the weather and the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays until their demands will be heard and the changes will start. One of the oppositional leaders, Vitaly Klichko, has also announced that opposition and protesters plan massive National strike all over Ukraine after holidays in order to deliver the people’s position to the authorities and to demonstrate them that people refuse to work with them.

People's Council in Kyiv: Massive anti-government protests
continue for the 39th day
(Image: Reuters)
Meanwhile the protests continue in Kyiv downtown with hundreds of thousands gathered in Independence Square. Protest actions and rallies are being held in other Ukrainian cities as well.

In addition to that the so called Automaidan is also ongoing with the huge column of the cars and motorcycles visiting with the demonstrations residences of Vitor Yanukovich in Mezhygirya and residences of other Ukrainian high officials as well including Prime Minister Azarov, Prosecutor General Pshonka, Parliament’s speaker Rybak, Yanukovich’s aide and pro-Russian politician and propagandist Medvedchuk and others. Hundreds of cars participated in the rally trying to deliver the demands of Euromaidan to Ukrainian authorities.

Participants of Automaidan are expected to come back to the Independence Square and report about the rally.