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Thursday, December 12, 2013

European Parliament voted for resolution regarding Ukraine

European Parliament during Thursday's session, in support of
(Image: Euromaidan)
European Parliament voted during their session in Strasbourg on Thursday, 12 December, for the resolution regarding Ukraine and situation in the country. There have been 8 projects of resolution submitted to the Parliament.

The main message of the European Parliament’s resolution “Regarding the results of Vilnius Summit of Eastern European Partnership, particularly Ukraine” is readiness of EU to sign Association Agreement with Ukraine in order all the requirements will be met. EU strongly supports political will and aspirations of Ukrainian fighting for their European choice of future.

European Parliament in its resolution has supported Ukrainian peaceful protests and it expresses “its total solidarity with those, who hold demonstrations for European future, and calls for Ukrainian government to respect civil rights of people and fundamental freedoms of gathering and peaceful protests and strongly condemns use of brutal force against peaceful demonstrators”.

European parliamentarians also expressed their deep concern and rejection of the recent violent events when riot police and special security forces have attempted to storm Euromaidan, threatened protesters and assaulted office of the biggest oppositional party and also several media offices. This is totally unacceptable in democratic country.
Euromaidan on Thursday: protests are ongoing
(Image: Euromaidan)

That’s why European Parliament urges Ukrainian government to investigate the recent events and also all the cases of use of force against peaceful protesters during these weeks of demonstrations. They also call for taking accountable all those responsible for these brutal beatings and for immediate and unconditional release of all unlawfully detained protesters, activists and journalists.

For the peaceful resolving of the current deepening crisis European Parliament calls to hold negotiations and round table attended by the representatives of government, oppositional forces and civil community of Euromaidan. EU will also form special mediation mission on the highest level in order to mediate in the talks between all representatives of Ukrainian society and to help in finding the solution.

EU also expressed its disappointment regarding refusal of Victor Yanukovich to sign Association Agreement during Vilnius Summit on 28-29 November, but stated that the doors of EU are open for Ukraine and Agreement could be signed as soon as Ukraine will fulfill all the requirement s necessary for signing this document.

Protesters' camp on Euromaidan
(Image: Влад Содель)
In addition to that MPs of European Parliament stated in the resolution that new round of talks between Ukraine and EU regarding the terms of Association Agreement will be held and recommended IMF and other European financial institutions to provide Ukraine with financial aid necessary on the stage of implementing of the reforms needed for European integration. European Parliament stressed it will urge those financial institutions to resume talks with Ukraine.

Meanwhile representative of IMF stated on Thursday that the fund is ready to support Ukraine with the financial aid but there will be probably no cooperation with the current government of Mykola Azarov.

European Parliament in this resolution also recommended European governing institutes and urged countries-members of EU to support Ukrainian citizens and contribute for implementation of visa-free regime for Ukrainians.

As for other representatives of Western countries, many of them have also strongly condemned recent use of violence by Ukrainian government against peaceful protesters and held President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich and his government accountable for it. Canadian government has allegedly started discussions regarding imposing personal sanctions against Victor Yanukovich and several high officials as well. USA are also considering the issue of imposing the personal sanctions against Victor Yanukovich and representatives of his regime. Official spokesperson of State Department of USA Jen Psaki stated on Thursday that the option of imposing personal sanctions against Yanukovich and figures of his regime are on the table and being currently analyzed. Sanctions will include ban to enter the country and freezing of international bank accounts on the territory of USA.
Massive protests continue in Kyiv
(Image: Влад Содель)

Meanwhile massive protests in Kyiv downtown and in other Ukrainian cities as well are ongoing. More and more people arrive to the main square of protests – Independence Square. Nearly 10-20 thousand people are currently on Euromaidan and tens of thousands are expected to arrive till weekend from other regions of Ukraine.

People’s demands remain the same and they claim they will not leave the square until these demands won’t be met. Fresh million-man march is expected to be held on Sunday.

Victor Yanukovich in his turn claims he and his government are ready for negotiations attended by the representatives of authorities, opposition, clergy, intellectuals etc. Though oppositional leaders stated they will not negotiation with this government and President until the main demands won’t be met. Among these demands are the following: release of all unlawfully detained protesters and activists, investigations of the recent violent clashes and beating and punishing those responsible for them, resignation of Minister of Interior Vitaly Zakharchenko and resignation of the government led by Mykola Azarov. Opposition and civil community represented on Euromaidan are calling also for forming of the special technical interim government to have transitional function, prepare and hold negotiations with EU regarding Association Agreement and prepare early presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine.