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Sunday, December 8, 2013

EU negotiations’ group arrived in Kyiv. EU warned Ukrainian authorities about possible personal sanctions

Massive anti-government and pro-European protests in Kyiv
(Image: Новая Газета)
Special negotiations’ group of European Parliament has arrived on Saturday, 7 December, in Ukrainian capital Kyiv in order to study the situation in the country and to mediate in the talks between government and opposition and to help to find the solution of the deepening crisis. The group is represented by the members of European People’s Party of European Parliament and consisted of ex-President of European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, Head of European Parliament’s Committee for Foreign Affairs Elmar Brock, Vice-President of the Party Jacek Sariusz-Wolski and Coordinator of EPP’s international policies Jose Ignasio Salafranca.

“We came to support people on Maidan”, stated parliamentarians.

Jacek Sariusz-Wolski declared that Europe is ready to support Ukraine in its aspirations and fight for democratic society and better future, and the doors of EU are always open for Ukrainians. He also stated that EU politicians believe that Ukrainians should be the part of Europe, and the group arrived in Kyiv to support the people and to help the opposition and the government to sit at the table and to negotiate current situation in order to find the common solution which will benefit the country and its people.

Mr. Sariusz-Wolski also declared that European Parliament and its representatives strongly condemn violence and use of force against the peaceful demonstrators happened on 29-30 November and on 1 December at the President’s office.

Jacek Sariusz-Wolski, Vice-President of EPP
(Image: European Voice)
“We call on the authorities to investigate this case and to release the detained people who aren’t guilty. We ask the both sides to find the way out of the conflict in a peaceful way. We also support the will of people regarding early elections. And we call on Russia to stop its pressure on Ukraine”, said European parliamentarian.

In addition to that, representatives of the EPP delegation to Ukraine stated that if the current government will sign Association Agreement with EU, European Parliament will make everything possible for its fastest implementation.

Mr. Jose Ignasio Salafranca, Coordinator of EPP’s international policies, announced during the press-conference held at the House of Trade Unions, where the main resistance headquarters are located, that in European Parliament will study the situation in Ukraine and issue its resolution regarding Ukraine in one week. He also stressed that European politicians and MPs of European Parliament express their solidarity with Ukrainian citizens who demonstrate in the country.

Members of the EPP group have visited injured protesters at the hospitals of Kyiv. They also had the meeting with the leaders of Ukrainian opposition Arseny Yatsenyuk, Oleg Tyagnybok and Vitaly Klichko. The group is also planning to meet the representatives of the government as well.

Elmar Brock, Head of European Parliament’s Committee for Foreign Affairs, declared during the press-conference, that negotiations and national dialogue are necessary on the current stage in order to resolve the crisis. “We believe that President Victor Yanukovich can gather the sides for negotiations and unite the country. Government should listen to the voice of its citizens”, added Mr. Brock.

Elmar Brock, Head of European Parliament's Committee for
Foreign Affairs
(Image: Neue Westfälische)
Elmar Brock also stressed that European Parliament also hopes that all the people detained for inciting violence and being in fact not guilty will be released, and that the issue of political detainees will also be resolved, referring also to the case of ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, currently imprisoned.

In addition to that Elmar Brock has declared that if President Victor Yanukovich will not be able to find and punish all the persons responsible for the violent dispersal of the peaceful protests and sit-in on the Independence Square and beating people and journalists near President’s office, EU will impose personal sanctions for some Ukrainian officials responsible for these events. “Aggression should be punished. If all the persons and officials responsible for the dispersal and beating and giving such orders won’t be punished by the government, they won’t be able to enter EU anymore”, said Mr. Brock.