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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

EU doesn’t confirm visit of Ukrainian delegation and states EU isn’t ready for the negotiations over Association Agreement

Maja Kosjancic, official spokesperson of EU
Catherine Ashton
(Image: Voice of Serbia)
EU is not planning to open the new rounds of negotiations with Ukrainian government over the text of the already initialed Association and Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and European Union, stated Maja Kosjancic, official spokesperson of Catherine Ashton, head of EU diplomacy. In addition to that Mrs. Kosjancicdidn’t confirm also official visit of Ukrainian delegation to Brussels, which was announced by Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on Tuesday during the emergency session of Parliament.

According to the words of Catherine Ashton’s representatives there are also no talks in EU regarding compensations for Ukraine in case it will sign an Association Agreement.

“We are ready to discuss different aspects of implementation of the Association and Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine and to explain in details the concrete benefits, which the Agreement could bring to Ukraine”, stated Mrs. Kosjancicand added that EU is not ready to hold any new negotiations regarding the text of the Association Agreement.

European Commission also cannot confirm the official visit of Ukrainian delegation to Brussels for these negotiations.

“We don’t confirm the visit of Ukrainian delegation tomorrow. Date and place of the meeting should be coordinated through diplomatic channels, and once this agreement will be achieved, it will be announced”, reported Mrs. Kosjancic.

On Tuesday, 3 December, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov appeared in the session hall of Parliament, as the Parliament was expected to vote on the draft law of the non-confidence motion to the government and its resignation. During his speech on the session Mr. Azarov claimed Ukrainian delegation will meet on Wednesday, 4 December, with the representatives of EU in attempt to resume the talks over the Association Agreement and its amendments. He also stated EU is ready to discuss economical package and financial aid for Ukraine and compensational measures.

Meanwhile tens of thousands remain in the squares and streets of Ukraine protesting against the current regime of Victor Yanukovich and demanding resignation of President and all the government. People have blocked the building of Cabinet of Ministers and gathered also in front of the Parliament’s building in order to voice their demands. After the failure of Parliament to vote for the government’s resignation people led by the oppositional leaders have marched to Bankova Street, where President’s Administration is located. People are protesting in front of it demanding Victor Yanukovich to sign a decree about government’s resignation and to resign himself.

Victor Yanukovich though isn’t in Ukraine at the moment. According to his press service and to the reports of journalists he left Ukraine on Tuesday for the planned visits to China and then to Russia.