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Friday, December 6, 2013

Egypt’s Islamists call fir the protests on Friday

Islamists protests in Egypt
(Image: Fox News)
Egypt’s Islamist Alliance for Support of Legitimacy, which united Muslim Brotherhood and several other Islamist parties and groups, calls for the new protests to be held in Cairo and in other Egyptian cities as well on Friday, 6 December.

The new protests are planned to be held during all week-end, starting on Friday and being held on Saturday and Sunday. According to the official statement of the Alliance the protests will be held in commemoration of the slain protesters and in solidarity with the girls detained in Alexandria and with the striking workers as well.

Since the ouster of Islamist backed President Mohamed Morsy on 3 July Islamist forces and supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s former President have started massive protests all over country with the huge sit-ins in Cairo, at the Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square in Nasr City, and in Giza, at Al-Nahda Square. These sit-ins were violently dispersed by security forces on 14 August living hundreds of dead and several hundreds injured. Police and security forces used excessive force dispersing Islamist supporters, what caused strong criticism in Egypt and outside of country as well.

Female Muslim Brotherhood's detainees in Alexandria
(Image: Telegraph)
Police and security forces have continued massive crackdown of the Muslim Brotherhood’s and Mohamed Morsy’s supporters with the wave of violence sparked all over the country. Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood’s members including leading figures have been arrested and detained.

Thus week-end protests planned by Alliance for Support of Legitimacy are expected to commemorate all the slain protesters since dispersals of Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda Squares sit-ins. Rallies to be held after Friday noon prayers will commemorate victims of the crackdown, including the student Mohamed Reda, who was recently killed during the clashes erupted on the campus of Cairo University during the students’ protests.

Saturday’s marches and protests will support 21 female Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters detained in Alexandrian and received harsh court verdicts after the trial. They were arrested after October protests and clashes erupted between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and opponents and security forces arrived to disperse the crowds. The detainees are accused of attacking security forces, destroying public and private property and inciting and stirring violence. They have been sentenced up to 11 years in jail. Saturday protests are planned to support them and to protest the verdict of court.

Students' protests in Cairo
(Image: Al-Jazeera)
The protests set for Sunday will support the strike of the factory in Helwan. They hold their strike since 26 November protesting bad conditions of working and situation with the salaries. Their protests have escalated after Metallurgical Industries Company, holding this factory, failed to respond to the workers’ demands.

Meanwhile Egypt faced the wave of students’ protests since the beginning of the new academic year. During the clashes erupted between the police and security forces and protesting students on the campus of Cairo University one of the students, Mohamed Reda, was shot dead. Clashes resulted also in dozens of wounded. Students’ protests are ongoing in several Egyptian universities.